Come … Step through the veil   3 comments

January 1, 2012

A wall of shimmering light appeared before me and I could clearly see Jesus standing on the other side.  It was like looking at Him through a thin veil of sparkling blue water.  There He stood, quietly smiling at me. Then He extended His hand  through the veil. I took His hand and stepped through, into the other side with Him.  I had stepped out of this realm and into His realm. Out of confusion and into total peace and clarity. Out of grey skies into brilliant sunshine, only the light was coming from Him.  Beautiful, peaceful … deep breath … so much higher than, completely other than.

The garden was dense and green and fragrant with flowers.  Hand in hand we walked its paths as He reminded me of things He had told me before.

“You must learn to live here with Me, My love.  Like the bride in the Song of Solomon, you will skip on the hills and leap on the mountains with Me. Then you will come with Me, leaning on My arm, down into the villages to check on the fruit. We will go  into the fields to bring in the harvest together. And when each day is done, we will return to the Father’s house to rest. That is our true home.”

“Don’t just invite me to come with you into the new year, My love. You come with Me and let me lead.  I know the way.”

3 responses to “Come … Step through the veil

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  1. What wonderful picture and reminder of His beauty. To walk with Him hand in hand in the secret place filled with fragrance and beauty. He has so much more for us then we are even aware of… Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a beautiful experience. He is indeed all together lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have just finished reading the novel The Shack, this so reminds me of when Mackenzie went into the garden with the Holy Spirit…thank you for posting this…

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