Intimacy With the Lord – Face to Face   Leave a comment

Have you ever seen Him face to face?  The resurrected Lord, the desire of the nations, the Bridegroom in Solomon’s Song, the God-man Christ Jesus?  Many people have.  For those who are desperately longing to know Him more, He chooses to reveal Himself in ways specifically designed for them. In New Testament times and every generation since then He comes, quite literally, as the Good Shepherd, the Prince of Peace or even the Lion of Judah to “manifest Himself” to us. (John 14:21)

Come!  Let me show you the Jesus I have seen:

Although many have seen Him in different ways, He usually comes to me as the man, Christ Jesus.  He is olive skinned and fine featured, typical of one from Middle Eastern descent.  He stands about 6 ft. tall.  His full beard is black and neatly trimmed.  His hair is very black and hangs in soft layers about halfway to His shoulders.  Although it is groomed immaculately it also moves in the wind.  In fact, it looks like a living, moving thing with small lights in it.  I wondered at first if there were diamonds in His hair that made it radiate so.  Later I began to understand this as the oil of anointing.

But by far the most striking feature about the Lord is His eyes.  They are very dark brown in color and when His gaze meets mine everything else stands still.  In His eyes is a fiery, all consuming love for me as if I was the only one on the planet and He has come just for me.  Mercy, compassion, peace and love are like priceless jewels shining in the depths of those eyes, irresistibly luring all who dare to peer into them.  Just one glance of His eyes was enough to captivate my heart forever.

There is nothing more wonderful than looking deeply into His eyes … to go in and get lost there in the depths of His love and peace.  Regardless of my circumstances or how I feel about myself, one glance of His eyes assures me that I am totally loved, wanted and accepted.  I am home.

He has promised never to leave us, so He never does.  Never.  He is always here, when we can see Him and when we  cannot.  But as we constantly pray to be made more aware of His Presence, as we take the time to stop, listen and see, He will begin to reveal Himself to us in startling reality.  This is His desire even more than ours. (John 17:24)

Later I will be sharing more about how to get there.  But for now, He is imparting hunger to your spirit.  Those who hunger and thirst … shall be filled. (Mt. 5:6)  Each step of the journey into intimacy with Him is meant to be savored.  Just close your eyes and see what happens!

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