Intimacy With the Lord – Calm in the Storm   2 comments

There is a place of peace and rest so deep in God that the things in this world cannot overwhelm us. (Phil. 4:6,7)

It is a place where fear and anxiety are lifted from our minds.  The darkness and difficulties of this realm simply have no power over the reality of His realm.

Time always seems to be suspended when I am with Him like this.  It does not pass, it just is.  He is never in a hurry.  He has all the time in the world.  After all, He created time and it submits to Him.  In one instant He can remove me from the cares and stress of this life and transfer me into His timeless realm of peace, showing me where reality truly lies.  It is as though life in the realm we consider real is only a tragic story in a book.  Then we lift our eyes and close the book and are once again in the present reality of His realm of glorious life.

The bride of Christ is also a warrior bride in the middle of a fierce spiritual battle.  We are not given a choice of being one or the other.  We are both.  The Apostle Paul wrote more than anyone else about our relationship as the bride of Christ.  But he also spent much time telling us to fight the good fight of faith, put on the whole armor of God and be over-comers. (1 Tm. 6:12, Eph. 6:10-18, 2 Cor. 10:4)  We ride with the King and the King wins.  Incidentally, the fact that you are still standing qualifies you to become an over-comer.  If you have fallen, just get up again.  A righteous man falls seven times and rises again.  (Prov. 24:16 Amp.)  If you don’t quit … you win.

This is a present reality where realms overlap.  We have the ability to see and experience both realms at once … the natural and the spiritual.  In times of great trouble and chaos here, we are clothed in the armor of God with the sword of the Spirit in our hands and a crown of wisdom upon our heads.  Yet at any time during that storm we can also enter deeply into His presence where He ministers peace and strength to us for the battle that still lies ahead.  He is literally the calm in the storm.

He illustrated this to me once so beautifully:

Thunder rolled and heavy rain pounded the tin roof of the house where we had gathered to worship.  The next lightening bolt put out the electricity.  Lighting some candles, the worshippers continued as His anointing increased.

Suddenly Jesus came and took me away with Him … somewhere.   It was evening and we seemed to be in a small cottage in a forest.  The roof and three of the walls were made of glass.  The fourth wall was stone and housed a huge fireplace.  The same storm was going on in this place as well.

Curious, I watched as the rain beat down on the roof causing rivers of water to wash down the glass outside.  The noise of the thunder was strangely muffled as if it was far away, even though the lightening was flashing all around.  But I was resting safely in His arms on a sofa facing the fireplace.

There are no words to describe the contentment, the peace, the fulfillment or the deep, deep love.  There are no feelings of anxiety because there’s nothing one could possibly be anxious about.  There are no questions that need answered.  There are no frustrations, just overwhelming peace and love.

After a long while He spoke softly to me.

“My darling, your whole life has been and still is a storm like this.  But you must learn to come to Me in the midst of your storm and rest in My arms as you are doing now.”

He gazed thoughtfully into the fire before continuing.

“This is real, much more real than the natural realm. The storm in your realm never really ceases. You must learn to live with Me here and operate from My realm.”

2 responses to “Intimacy With the Lord – Calm in the Storm

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your letter of : ” Intimacy with the Lord — Calm in the Storm ” It so ministered to my heart and I shed tears of joy for the encouragement and the strength it gave me to keep standing in my storm and not ever quitting my stand. .. the picture you painted of Jesus for us about your experience of his love and protection over us, when we come to him for shelter is precious ! .. thank you Laqueta and God increase you a thousand times according to his word.

  2. Who would not love You, Your Highness. His love breaks my heart, te amo YAHUSHUA!

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