Intimacy with the Lord – A higher communication   Leave a comment

The warm breeze and the turquoise waters of the ocean had drawn them to the beach that day. They were a happy group of friends, splashing and dunking each other and laughing above the noise of the surf.  But there was a quiet longing in the heart of one of them.  He couldn’t quite identify it … like a feeling of deep calling unto deep. (Psalm 42:7)  Slowly he submerged under the water and entered another realm where the quiet was tangible.  He could still hear the voices of his friends up on the surface but they seemed muffled now and far away.  Floating effortlessly in the warm waves quieted his thoughts but the longing only increased.  So diving deeper he swam out further until all he could hear was the ancient peaceful sound of the sea surrounding him and restoring his soul.

There are times and places where we are able to shout and sing at the top of our lungs and dance before the Lord in abandonment as David did.  This is a place of high praise where we can communicate with Him the way He designed.  But there are also other times when we are restricted by people or situations and quietness becomes necessary.  Quiet worship is designed by God as well.  These times can actually be much more intense and intimate.  Now it’s His turn to talk and our turn to listen.

There is a place so deep in Him that it goes far beyond earthly language.  It’s like swimming in the ocean. The deeper you go, the quieter it gets.  When you are wrapped in His arms, words are not always necessary.  There is a much higher form of communication.  It is Spirit to spirit, thought to thought, heart to heart.  And it is very clear and easy to understand.  It is the language of eternal love.

You were programed to be on the same frequency as your Creator.  His sheep know His voice.  You are His and He loves you.  He is always right beside you. Don’t limit this to trying to hear His audible voice.  That may happen but it’s not the only way He speaks.  More often it’s the quiet inner voice of the Spirit within your spirit that you must learn to listen for and trust.  That brings us back to relationship and intimacy once again.  Funny how everything comes back to that, isn’t it?

Since God is very creative, learn to listen for His voice in unique and unexpected ways.  Ask Him to open your spiritual ears.  Develop the art of becoming more aware of Him, His Presence, His voice all through the day.  You will find Him speaking to you through the voices of your friends, your spiritual leaders, children and of course through His Word.  He will suddenly grab your attention with headlines, billboards or anything that’s available at the moment.  In the Old Testament He even used a donkey! (Num. 22:22-33)  Before you watch a movie, ask the Lord what He wants to show you and you will be amazed at all the prophetic parables you would have otherwise missed.  You may be walking through the mall and hear a snatch of a love song and realize it’s Him singing right into your heart.  That goose-bumpy feeling and the unexpected lump in your throat is a clue … don’t dismiss it as nothing.  If there is a sudden rush of His presence and tears spring to your eyes, that’s definitely Him and not your imagination.

His ways of speaking to us range all the way from the slightest faint impressions – which are all too easy to miss – to full blown, high definition, inter-active movie type experiences where you have a starring role!

Speak Lord, for we are listening.

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