Intimacy with the Lord – The Importance of Communication   1 comment

In the times we are now in, it is crucial that we know His voice.  This can actually determine our victory or defeat.  If we do not know His voice, we can easily be deceived by the darkness.

Intimacy with the Lord puts us in a position of leaning our head upon His chest … of being close enough to even hear His whispers.  Spending so much time with Him causes us to know His heart and to more quickly discern what is not from Him.

Once we are so bonded with Him and have that on-going communication, His words to us become the foundation of all our lives.  Any opportunity that comes can be more easily discerned to be His will or not.  The first question is always, “What did He already say to me?  And does this conflict with what He said?”   That will simplify and cancel many things that are not from Him.  Other things may be His will, but for another time, not now.  And some things are more difficult to discern, causing us to seek Him for direction.  But the place to find this is in His arms.  His goal is always relationship, not just handing out answers to problems.

Learn to listen carefully and separate His voice from other voices.  Beware of the voice of condemnation.  It is never from the Lord   The Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin so He can remove those things that hinder our relationship with Jesus.  He will often speak quietly to us, although sometimes He has to speak louder to those who don’t listen.  He deals with things we have done or basic attitudes and mindsets that do not line up with His … things that offend Him and are harmful to us since they separate us from Him.  His heart is so entwined with ours that He grieves for us when we go the slightest bit astray.  His purpose is always redemptive… to restore us to intimacy with Him.

But condemnation is always from the enemy.  It attacks your inner being.  It’s not so much about what you did but who you are.  Whenever you hear things like “You’re so bad, worthless, stupid, You can’t do anything right, You’re never going to make it, Nobody loves you, God doesn’t even love you” – be assured  that this is condemnation and it is from the enemy, never from God.  (Rom. 8:1)

There are depths in the realms of God that can only be known by those who choose intimacy with Him.  There He will communicate His heart, even more than His words.  He will tell you who you are to Him and how He loves you.  You will be bonded to Him in love and trust.  He will awaken your spirit to the destiny He has placed within your DNA.  That destiny is to be His, to be with Him both now and forever and to fulfill your individual callings here in this realm.  As you draw closer, locking gazes with Him, you will see eternity in His eyes and your place in it.

So many times I have asked Him “What do you want me to do?”   And so often the answer is, “Just come into My arms and let Me love you.  Let me make you into My image, into who I’ve created you to be.(Gen. 1:27)  Then, when you are ready and strong enough to bear My glory, I will place you where I want you and you will simply “be” My witness, My light, My peace or whatever is necessary in that place.  You will be as I am – a light in the darkness, calm in the storm, hope in a place of despair…” (1 John 4:17)

As soon as you can find a quiet place with no interruptions, just see yourself in His arms.  Let Him hold you and quiet you like a child.  Ask Him how He feels about you … how He sees you … how much He loves you.  Let His words wash over you and enter into your spirit and change you into the image He has of you.

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  1. These words are so beautiful. They capture the long way of obedience which is our walk with Christ perfectly. This afternoon I was sitting in God’s creation listening to His birds singing to Him and gazing into His heavenly skies. There was a soft breeze playing with my hair and tickling the back of my calves and then Abba told me, ‘This breeze is my Spirit — the breath of God.’ At that moment I simply took in His love. His Spirit renewed my soul and filled me, washing over me in quiet peace. So AWEsome is He!

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