Security on the Father’s Lap   Leave a comment

My Father’s arms were open and inviting as I toddled up to His throne.  I seemed to be about three years old with blond curly hair and a little red dress.  Although I could not see His face, I could feel Him smiling down on His little girl.  The light of the glory that emanates from Him makes it impossible to view Him initially.  As my spiritual eyes adjusted to this brightness I was able to see His form and the golden robe that hung in folds around Him, spilling out over the edges of the throne.

Responding to His invitation, my small toddler legs began to climb up into His great lap as He helped to lift me there with His own hands.  His delight at my being there seemed to even surpass my own.  Holding me tenderly in His great arms He stroked my hair, gently rocking me back and forth until I fell asleep there on His lap.

There on the Heavenly Father’s lap we are allowed to see from His perspective.  The cares and concerns of life here, while not forgotten, simply have no power over the reality of how great He is and how much He loves us.  It becomes so ridiculously obvious that everything is going to be alright … sometimes we can actually laugh at our worry and fear.

This is also the ultimate cure for the plague of insecurity which has side-lined so many people.  It can turn a person into a tyrant or a people pleasing yes-man.   Insecurity is closely linked to the fear of man.  Some have such a need for people to like them and affirm them that they will do anything to gain this.  Their actions can even appear to be done out of love but actually the roots are fear of rejection.  Those same roots can also produce a controlling, manipulative, jealous person who dominates others because of their fear of man.  If we submit to this spirit of insecurity it will pull us back and forth depending on the circumstances.  When people praise us and put us on a pedestal we are in danger of falling to pride.    When people are against us and attack us we can fall into rejection, hatred or control.

Our security must only be in God – in the solid fact that we are so loved and accepted by Him always.  This is not because of who we are or what we do but because of Who He is and what He has done.  (Titus 3:5, 1 Jn. 4:19) Then, if people like us, that’s fine – but that’s not where our sense of security lies.  And if they don’t like us – once again it doesn’t matter.  He loves us and always will.  The focus shifts from us to Him where it belongs.

It is about being so much in love with Him that we can simply trust Him in all things.   Then we can be as a child and climb up into His lap, laying our lives down in His arms.  Just abandon yourself to His love.  He’s not like your earthly father.  He is completely trustworthy.

What a wonderful Father!

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