Intimacy With The Lord – The Secret Place   1 comment

There is a secret place that is reserved only for true lovers of God. (Psalm 91)  It is a place where nothing of this earthly realm can enter.  We come away with Him … away from this present darkness, away from the on-going battle in the earthly realm.  There is a quiet place of peace where Peace Himself dwells.  It’s a place where the hot breath of the Lion of Judah can breathe on your troubled mind and weary spirit and bring life and hope again.  In an instant, in one step through the veil, as close as your next breath … that’s how near He is to you.

We were created from the dust of this earth and the very breath of God. (Gen.2:7)  We are creatures of both earth and Heaven with the DNA of our Father and the ability to step from this realm into His realm in a heartbeat.  There are times when we are in a place where His presence is felt very strongly.  It may be in a worship meeting or in our own private times of prayer.  Gravity loses its hold and it is easy to ascend in the Spirit.  But there are other times when we are in places of great darkness or warfare from the enemy and it is very difficult to even feel the Lord’s presence.  We think He isn’t there or perhaps He has forsaken us.  But this is not true.  He promised to never leave us and He never does. (Heb.13:5)  If we could see from His vantage point, we would see the angels in awe and tears in the eyes of Jesus.  For the angels who dwell in continual realms of glory, worship is a natural response.  But when we who live in the darkness of this realm, choose to fight against everything here to ascend into His presence it touches all of Heaven.  His angels are even assigned to help us draw near to Him. (Heb. 1:14)

Make it a discipline to learn to quiet your spirit.  Set aside a block of time daily just to be with the Lord, to love Him, to listen.  Keep pushing out the random thoughts that parade through your mind. This may take time so try not to be frustrated. The point is just to be with Him.  The reward is well worth the effort.  He is the reward.

So come … take His hand and step through the veil.  He is waiting.

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  1. thank you….makes me think of a song…..When I feel the touch of your hand upon my life…it causes me to sing a song, that I love you Lord…may God bless you, for sending this encouragement to me. Sheila

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