Intimacy with the Lord – Fear Not   Leave a comment

These are challenging times when we are facing great difficulties and uncertainties.  This is causing fear in many of God’s people.  Recently the Lord  reminded me that His peace is another one of those crucial blessings that flow out of intimacy with Him.  Let me share with you what He said:

“Fear will only cripple you and hold you back.  Fear is from the enemy of your soul.  Do not listen to or agree with fear.  As the times grow darker, peoples  hearts are failing them because of fear.  But not you!  I have delivered you and trained you and filled you with My peace.  Then I set you among them to help deliver them from fear and show them the way of peace.”

“You must continually dwell in Me and in My peace, so that same peace can flow out of you and into the darkness around you. You are the light of the world. (Mt. 5:14-16)  Only when you are hidden in Me, only when you live in that secret place of intimacy with Me can I flow through you unhindered to bring light to those around you.  It’s not just something you do.  It’s who you are … it’s who I Am within you.”

“When you feel that peace disturbed or sense a lack of peace within you, stop and return to Me.  Come and really be with Me.  I am standing beside you, waiting with open arms.  I will never leave you. (Heb.13:5)  Call to Me and I will answer you. (Jer.33:3)”

“Come and let Me breathe the breath of My Spirit on you once again.”

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