Intimacy with the Lord – Into the River   2 comments

Worship had begun in the small group setting but I found it difficult to quiet my spirit and enter in.  Random thoughts and problems were crowding my mind.  Desperately I cried out to the Lord, “Take me into Your river of life.  Put me in the water and hold me under until You have accomplished Your work in me.”  For so long I tried to “get there”, to see the river, to sense His presence.  Then finally, even with my eyes closed, my vision began to be blurry or wavy.  Eventually I realized I was looking through water.

Amazed, I saw that I was laying horizontally in the river a few feet below the surface and several angels were holding me down.  They were laughing. They looked like young men in their early 20’s and despite their long white robes, their demeanor was very casual.  They were joking with each other and obviously enjoying their assignment.  Breathing under this celestial water is as easy as breathing above it and there is no sense of fear … only life and peace.  This helped to calm me but my spirit was still longing for the Lord.

Finally I saw Jesus standing in the water near me.  But I was shocked when He put His finger on my chest and slit it open from neck to waist!  Then He gently took out my heart and held it.  Looking on it lovingly, He began to massage it in His hands.  Now I could feel His touch on my spirit and it released a torrent of emotions that had been blocked before.  A flood of tears came forth, followed by a burst of joy and then such peace.

In the chaos of our lives, He comes to super-impose His reality on our current circumstances.  In one instant He can remove us from the cares and stress of life and transfer us into His timeless realm of peace, showing us where reality truly lies and giving us courage for the battle here.

Oh God, make us so much more aware of Your continual presence with us.

2 responses to “Intimacy with the Lord – Into the River

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  1. when i was in church on sunday i was unable to praise, it was all on the outside i was singing the words from my mouth but unable to enter in, in my spirit…until, we sang a chorus with the words…when i am overwhelmed, lead to me the Rock that is higher than I…..that is when the breakthrough came…thank you for your confirmation…sheila

  2. Love that the angels were laughing! I love laughter!

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