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Created for Both Realms   1 comment

It was sunset on the 6th day of creation and the Lord walked alone on a windswept beach.  Kneeling down, He began to form something with His hands. The shape of a man soon appeared, a man who seemed half buried in the sand. Tenderly the Lord knelt over him again, breathing His own life into the still form. Now He grasped the hand of Adam and pulled him up to stand beside his Maker. The resemblance was so striking it took my breath away. They looked like brothers! (Gen.1:27) Their eyes met and they embraced with tears of joy.

You were created from the dust of this earth and the very wind of Heaven – the breath of God. (Gen. 2:7)   You were quite literally made with elements of both realms, giving you the inherent ability to go back and forth and function comfortably in either realm.  Adam and Eve were able to see the physical realm of the garden and also the spiritual realm.  They could interact just as easily with the animal kingdom or with the angels and the Lord Himself as they walked together in the garden … before the fall.

Once in a vision, Jesus gave me a gorgeous full length fur coat.  As I twirled around happily, admiring its beauty, He reminded me of the first fur coat.  The one He gave to Eve … and the reason He gave it to her.  “She needed to be redeemed,” He said softly, “And so did you.”

Of course we know that mankind fell.   But when Jesus came and died on the cross He redeemed us completely from all iniquity, (Tit. 2:14)  raised us up and made us sit together with Him in Heavenly places. (Eph. 2:6)  This is the reality of our current relationship with Him.  He has restored our ability to go back and forth and function in either realm.  The body is made for this earthly realm but the spirit is more at home in the Heavenly realm. And in the spirit you can fly.  Jesus Himself desires for us to be with Him where He is and to literally behold His glory. (John 17:24)  We don’t have to become ‘good enough’ to enter into this.  Paul said that we become ‘good enough’ by beholding His glory. (2 Cor.3:18)  We are even changed into the same image of Christ as we behold Him. Amazing!

We will travel further into this subject in the days ahead and see that many in the scriptures had such experiences.  But for now, I pray that the Lord will make us so very aware of His realm and the privilege of access He has given us.  Open the eyes of our hearts, Oh God.

Prophetic Intercession 2   1 comment

As we become more intimate with the Lord He allows us the privilege of seeing how He feels about things … what causes Him joy and what grieves His heart.  There are times when He allows us to feel a very small part of the emotion that He is experiencing. (Phil.3:10)   As mortals, any more than that would likely destroy us.  Even just a glimpse of His true emotion can be overwhelming.

In Jesus earthly ministry, He tells us that He only did what He saw the Father doing. (John 5:19)  Now He invites us to work with Him the same way.  When we pray, “What is on Your heart today, Lord?” it may be something close to our hearts already, or it may be completely unknown to us.  But He invites us to partner with Him … to see what He is seeing, feel what He is feeling and even do what He is doing.

Psalm 115:16 says “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.”  This is why God will not do things on earth unless we pray.  He has given authority over the earth to mankind and we must ask Him to intervene.  He expects us to use our authority here.  When we ask for His help in prayer He responds.

Prophetic intercession can take many forms.  As stated in the previous post – in its most basic form it is simply being open to hear God’s heart and pray or act as He instructs us. Here is one of my favorite testimonies of this kind of prayer:

A small group of intercessors in North America were praying in the leaders home.  Suddenly they were all taken away in the Spirit although their bodies remained there.  They found themselves in a prison cell in China where a frail, elderly Chinese man had been beaten for preaching the Gospel.  They washed his feet, dressed his wounds, prayed for him and encouraged him.  He thought they were angels but they assured him they were not.  Just as suddenly, their spirits were carried back to the living room they had just left.  Still in shock, some began to say “Did you just see what I saw?”  The leader wisely cautioned them to say nothing but to each write down what they had seen.  Comparing notes verified that they had all been on the same journey together.

There are many who have been on such journeys in prayer.  Sometimes God not only uses us to intercede for people we don’t even know but He takes us there as well.  He may also use us to minister healing or deliverance to them.  Many times His angels have been sent there to work with us.  Realizing this can change your view of prayer from boring to dynamite.  It can turn your prayer room into an airport waiting lounge as you open your hearts to go where He sends you.

If this sounds too much like the occult, remember that everything the enemy has to offer is a cheap counterfeit of God’s realities. There were many in the Bible who were taken away in the Spirit – Paul, Phillip, John, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Enoch … If it could happen to them, it can and does happen to us today.  We are covered by the blood of Jesus.  Many things were stolen from us and are waiting to be reclaimed.

Sometimes when you are praying for people or places, God will give you a vision of something that happened in their past.  This will give insight for how to pray now … what healing needs to happen and perhaps what curses need to be broken.  What you are praying for was in the Father’s heart long before He alerted you to it.  He wants it more than you do.  And He enlists your help to carry out His will. (For more teaching on the subject of prayer and intercession, see Mike Bickle’s website at  Mike is the founder and head of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, USA)

Prophetic intercession is not just limited to the prayer room.  Learn to read the newspaper or online news from a standpoint of intercession, declaring the Word of God instead of the current circumstances.  Lay your hands on the screen and rebuke the storms and hurricanes.  Pray peace and safety over those in dangerous circumstances.  Declare the plans of the enemy to be uncovered so that lost children are returned to safety and wars are stopped.

When we pray what is in the Lord’s heart, what is His will – 1 John 5:14,15 tells us that He gives us what we ask of Him.  If this is new for you, try it and see what happens!