Created For Both Realms – From Here You Can Go Anywhere   Leave a comment

The reality of Heavenly realms is waiting to be discovered all around us.  We were created from the dust of this earth and the very breath of God, making us creatures of both realms with the ability to function in either realm. (Gen. 2:7)

Though it often seems like a vague dream, all it takes is one experience, one vision, one encounter with the Lord to open our eyes to His truth. (Mt.10:7, Mt. 13:1, II Cor. 12:2-4, Rev. 4:1)   The following prophetic experience illustrated this clearly to me and I’d like to share it with you.  In fact, I’m inviting you to come along for the ride!

Reclining under the palm trees listening to the tide come in, I closed my eyes to look for the familiar Heavenly portal I had entered several times before.  Soon I sensed it open all around me and I felt my spirit being carried aloft.

At the top of the portal I found myself standing in a blue sky where the wind was blowing my hair and garments and the air smelled fresh and clean.  It was like being released from a cage and my first impulse was joyous flight.  Higher and higher I flew until I was soaring and gliding effortlessly on the changing currents in this marvellous wind.

Although I did not see the Lord, I was very conscious of His presence.  Unexpectedly He broke the silence with this amazing announcement.

“From here, you can go anywhere!”

His words released such freedom in me that I soared even higher.  I could hear His obvious delight as He continued.

“I can take you into the past, the present or the future. (see footnote below) You can ascend into the throne room or go wherever I send you on the earth.”

My heart was almost bursting within me.  He was teaching me to rise up on the wings of the Spirit and fly away into His realm as I had prayed for so long. (Isa. 40:31)  He was clearly so pleased that I was learning.

For a long time I lay on the earthly beach watching myself fly in the Spirit, basking in His approval.  Eventually I wondered,

“If I opened my eyes, could I still see both realms?”

I sensed He was encouraging me to practice and learn more.  Hesitantly I opened my eyes, looking up into the palm trees and out onto the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean.  But somewhere within me, I continued to see myself flying in the blue sky.

“You’re still up here in My realm with Me,” He spoke to my heart.

Encouraged to keep experimenting, I wondered,

“Would I be too distracted if I walked along in the surf?  Would I be able to keep watching both realms at the same time?”

Slowly I got up and walked to the water’s edge, listening for His voice again.  Still I could see myself flying in the blue sky.

“You are here in My realm with Me although your feet are there,” He said once more.

Quietly now as we walked, He began to unfold mysteries to me.

“I want you to understand that you can live in My realm and travel back and forth.  But at all times your spirit is meant to dwell here with Me, even when your body remains there. (Eph.2:6)  In this way, wherever I take your feet, you can open your mouth or stretch out your hands and bring My realm into the earthly realm ( Luke 11:2 ) because you dwell in both realms at once, and in both I have given you great authority.”

Footnote – There are many examples in the Bible of going backward or forward in time.  Isaiah and Ezekiel were taken into the past as well as places in their present time.  Daniel and John were taken into the future.

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