There Is Always More   1 comment

“My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.” (Ps. 84:2)

The presence of God is rightly addictive.  After you have looked into His eyes and seen the love He has for you, after you have felt the strength and safety of His arms around you – nothing in this realm can compare and you will constantly be longing for more of Him.  And there is always more!  There is so much more than these mortal bodies and minds can ever experience.  Even in eternity He will be continually revealing more and more of His wonders to us.  The angels who have been with Him from their creation are still crying “holy, holy, holy” in response to the facets of His character that are continually unfolding before them.  He is unlimited.  There is always more of Him to learn, to see, to experience, to love.

This is a relationship, a love affair.  Nothing and no-one else can ever truly satisfy our hearts but Jesus.  Every other earthly relationship is a gift from Him but there is none like Him. To hear His voice, to see Him smile, to feel His hand holding ours leaves us at the same time satisfied yet longing still.  We are deeply satisfied and content, yet knowing there are depths of Him that are still waiting to be explored.  His love is an invitation for more and we are invited to pursue Him into depths beyond our imagination. (Eph.3:20, Ps. 42:7)

Leave behind the old mindset of “How much can I get by with?” or “How near the world can I live and still be a Christian?”  These things are light years away from the true relationship He longs to have with us.  Run away from the Pharisees who split hairs and burden you with lists of regulations and rules.  That is only religion, and a very sad and heavy existence. Change your mindset to questions of “How close can I get to Jesus?”  “How much of the Heavenly realms can I be allowed to see?” “How much time can I spend in His presence?”

Follow your heart’s cry for your Father and His Son, who is the Lover of your soul. Those who hunger and thirst shall be filled. (Mt. 5:6)  The wind of the Spirit will blow away the chains like cobwebs and free you to come running into His arms of love.

May you be blessed with hunger that only He can satisfy.  And may you be drawn ever deeper into His presence.

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  1. Thank you…..just read above where i’m typing comment Created for both realms-Dont give up-Keep trying !!! realised reading your word today…that i’ve been looking in the wrong places for fulfilment and why i’m so spiritually dry….God bless you both, for faithfully sending these to me via e.mail, sheila

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