Created for Both Realms – God is Revealing Mysteries   Leave a comment

These are historic times when God touches those who are prepared and launches them into areas that are virtually uncharted.  Heavenly realms are waiting to be discovered.

Let’s look at the purpose of supernatural experiences such as dreams, visions and prophetic encounters.  Did you ever ask “Why would God show me that?”  The purpose of these things is first of all personal and individual.  They are royal  gifts for you from your Heavenly Father.  They are meant to draw you closer to the Lord, to show you things to come, to give you hope and motivation.  Because you are His friend, He shares things with you.  Some of these things will be very personal and for your eyes only.  Other times, what you are seeing is not for you alone but meant to be shared with others.  As you pray into these things He will help you sort them out.  This is supposed to be a normal lifestyle.  He created us to go back and forth into His realm to be with Him, receive the things He freely gives to us and bring them back to this realm.

We have already looked at scriptural evidence of this in previous postings.  There were many in the Bible who went back and forth into Heavenly realms – Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel, Paul, John.  These and others set a precedent and a pattern to show us that dreams, visions and prophetic encounters with angels and the Lord Himself are not only possible but normal in our relationship with the Lord.

These are days when God is revealing mysteries.  Prov. 25:2 says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honor of Kings is to search out a matter.” Sometimes He hides things for us (not from us) to find.  Other mysteries in the scriptures were only revealed at specific times, when the fullness of time came.

Remember in the book of Acts when Peter fell into a trance and the Lord told him to go to the Gentiles?  (Acts 10)  This was against all he had been taught.  There was no proof-text for this.  The only Bible they had at that point consisted of what we know as the Old Testament – the writings of Moses and the prophets, the Psalms and the books of history.  What we know as the New Testament was literally being written by Peter and the others though they did not realize it at the time. Going to the Gentiles was not un-scriptural.  It was simply one of those mysteries that was hidden in scripture and not yet revealed until that moment on the roof when the fullness of time came for Peter and the Lord opened his understanding.

Consider the visions of the prophet Daniel.  A careful reading shows that they were very extreme and sometimes he had trouble dealing with them.  Then the angel told him to seal up the book and put it away because it wasn’t even for that time but a future time!  There were some things he was not even allowed to speak of.  The things in that sealed-up book have been reserved for us, for this generation.  There is wisdom and revelation there that has been reserved for us because we are desperately in need of it now.  In these days God is breaking the seals, opening the book and pouring out the things we need for today.  Don’t ever assume that it’s all been revealed and there’s no more to know.  We will spend eternity constantly finding out new dimensions of the character of God and His mysteries.  He is limitless and far beyond our understanding.  And He delights in surprising us with the wonders of Who He is and who we are in Him.

Prepare our hearts, Oh God, as we listen for Your voice through the open door of Revelation 4 saying “Come up here”!

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