Created for Both Realms – Bypassing the Time Element   Leave a comment

What does it really look like to be able to operate in the earth realm and also in the Heavenly realms of God?  There are some earthly creatures that are just as much at home in the water as they are on land.  They are created to be able to operate in two realms.  So are we.

Remember the story of Elisha and his servant who were surrounded by an enemy army? ( II Kings 6:15-17)   The servant was terrified but Elisha prayed “Lord, open his eyes”.  Then he saw that the mountains around them were filled with horses and chariots of fire. There was no need to be afraid since the army of God was fighting for them.  There are two realms.  God wants us to not only see, but operate comfortably in both the spiritual and the natural realms.

Since God is eternal and ‘outside of time’, the time element is often bypassed and that restriction is lifted off in the experiences He gives to us.  It’s an eternity thing – something like Narnia.  The children had been in Narnia for years but when they fell out of the wardrobe back into England it was the same moment they left!  Though The Chronicles of Narnia are fiction, they are highly prophetic and C.S. Lewis got that part right.

God is able to take us into the past to show us things that happened there and give us understanding.  This is a common occurance for intercessors with prophetic ability, showing them events that occurred and what needs to be done in prayer.   It is quite likely that Moses received revelation of this sort on the mountain in God’s presence.  How else could he have written about creation in such detailed language and with such understanding unless God had allowed him to go back and view it himself?

The Lord can take us into other places now, in the present, to give us strategic information.  This may mean geographical locations or present situations.  This can give us a better, fuller picture of how things really are since we only see one side of it now.  Elisha had such precise information about the King of Syria and his plans against Israel that it was said of him, “The prophet Elisha tells the King of Israel what you say, even in the privacy of your own bedroom!” (II Kings 6:8-12)

God can also take you into the future – whether the near future or further ahead. This can be right where you are now geographically or to other locations on earth.  He may also take you away somewhere in the Spirit into Heavenly realms to reveal things to come.  This happened to several of the prophets in the Bible.  John’s encounter in the book of Revelation is only one of them.

Several years ago we returned from the mission field in Africa, back to Ontario, Canada where we had lived before.  It was only a transition for the summer, then we moved again cross country to British Columbia.  That summer was a rather surreal experience.  I seemed to be re-living the past – driving by the house we used to live in, going back to my friend’s cottage and staying temporarily with friends in town.   At the same time I was praying for direction and trying to picture myself in a future location.  Some days I felt my worlds were colliding as I encountered my past, felt confused about the present and prayed into the future.   This was a natural experience, not spiritual.  But it served to show me once again how easily we can step from past to present to future in the Spirit.  We can step from realm to realm that easily because we were created to do that.

In the next posting we will continue to explore some of the characteristics of prophetic experiences.  Until then, my prayer is for God to open our eyes and make us more sensitive to His realm.

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