Created for Both Realms – Carried Away in the Spirit   Leave a comment

In recent postings we’ve been looking at the nature of supernatural  experiences such as dreams, visions and prophetic encounters.  We’ve discussed how the time element is bypassed or lifted off at those times so that we may easily step from past to present to future.  We have studied those in the Word of God who travelled back and forth from the natural earth realm into Heavenly realms – Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Paul, John and others.   And we know and understand that these experiences are supposed to be natural for every believer in Christ.  Now let’s look at some of the locations these experiences can take us to.

God can easily pick you up and transport you into Heaven just as He did with John in the book of Revelation.  He can also take you to another location here on earth to reveal things to you, to pray over that location or even to minister to people there.  (See postings on prophetic intercession)

There are other realms of the Spirit where a picture is worth a thousand words and your understading can be illuminated to see and understand His mysteries in a moment.  He can suddenly take you away with Him – somewhere.  These are often teaching times.  They may be intimate times with the Lord or times of communication with His angels or those in the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ who have gone on before us.  (Heb. 12:1)  In Rev.19:10 and 22:9  John wants to worship the ‘angel’ who stops him by saying,  “No!  I am your fellow servant and of your brethren.  Worship God”.   Although we are not to worship angels either, the Greek word for ‘angel’ here can also be translated ‘messenger.’   In this case John seems to be talking to one of the redeemed who has died and gone to Heaven.

We may be taken to known places on earth or somewhere in a prophetic realm.  In these instances I’m not sure if the place I’m in is temporal or eternal.  (2 Cor. 4:18)   Sometimes it seems like a place the Lord has created just for me, for that moment, to reveal His mysteries to me.

Several times the Lord has carried me away to a place I’ve come to call the great high mountain at the edge of eternity.  The wind of the Spirit is always blowing in this place, whipping our hair and our robes.  It is a fresh wild wind filled with creative purpose and destiny.   At times one can look down from here and view eagles soaring above the clouds.  Gazing even further, far away below, there may be a glimpse of tiny forests and mountains and oceans.   At other times the view reveals another realm, quite unknown.  It seems to be a place where God can reveal whatever He chooses, whether past, present or future, in this realm or beyond.

The possibilities are limitless.  After all, your Heavenly Father is the creator of all there is in this realm and beyond, of things both seen and unseen.

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