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On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #3 – Other Peoples Dreams and Visions   Leave a comment

We’ve been discussing some on-ramps into Heavenly realms – how to position ourselves, how to get there.  Keep in mind as always that the main goal is Jesus and relationship with Him.  In His  longing for us to be with Him where He is (as He said in John 17:24)  He opens some very creative ways for us to get there.  In the last post we talked about the dreams, visions and prophetic experiences you’ve had in the past.  They are real and can be re-entered.  But what if you’re new at this and you don’t really have your own dreams or visions yet?

Rev. 19:10 tells us that “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.”   He testifies of what happened in the past and prophesies that it can happen again.  It’s an invitation!   As we speak of it, the portal opens.   If you preach about salvation, people will get saved.   If you preach about healing and give opportunity for prayer, people will be healed.   When you speak of evil and the work of the enemy, that’s what shows up.   When you speak of the Holy Spirit, He comes.

Stop and think about it for a moment.  Remember times when people were talking about occult activity and you felt a darkness and a chill come into the room?   Now remember a meeting where the focus was all about the Lord and you felt His sweet and powerful presence descending upon you and bringing your spirit up to meet His.   It really does work like that.

When we testify or speak of Jesus and the experiences we’ve had with Him, the Spirit of prophecy shows up to invite all who hear to enter into that same experience.   This can happen by reading a book, listening to a speaker in person, on a video or live streaming by internet.  Many of you have watched a meeting online and wondered how the anointing of God can flow through the screen to you when the meeting may have occured long ago.   It’s by the Spirit of God.  He has no limits.   The anointing was strong in that meeting and it was captured by media and sent to you just like the aprons and handkerchiefs the Apostle Paul prayed over and sent out.   The Scriptures say people were healed of diseases and demons left those who received these prayer cloths! ( Acts 19:12 )

One of my first realizations of this truth came when my husband and I were mentoring students in a Missions school.  One of them told us how he had been resting on his bed, listening to a CD.   On the CD, Heidi Baker was sharing a vision of the Lord riding in a flaming chariot.   When her testimony ended, this student was immediately caught up in the Spirit and found himself standing before the Lord who was placing golden armor on him!  I began to understand the truth of this principle and become more sensitive in listening to the experieces of others.  I found that in many cases I could actually go there with them as they spoke.  This was especially true with gifted writers such as Rick Joyner and Anna Rountree.  I could see what they saw and then at times Jesus would take me further into an experience of my own with Him.  It’s an on-ramp.

This is one of the main reasons why I write.  I pray that as I share my visions, you will be able to see and experience them and be transported into His presence.   I encourage you to become sensitive in this way also.  When someone begins to speak about a dream or a vision, ask the Lord to open your eyes to see it in the Spirit.  Read about those who have seen the Lord or ascended into Heavenly realms.   Go back through my blog postings and read of the accounts I have written.   Let them be an invitation and an on-ramp for you.

For those of you who would like to delve deeper into this subject than I can go here, I would direct you to my pages of recommended reading and links.  You will find a wealth of material there in the form of books, articles on websites, videos and MP3 downloads – much of it free.   I’m sure it will be a great blessing to you as it has been to me.

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #2 – Re-entering Your Past Dreams and Visions   Leave a comment

The dreams, visions and prophetic experiences God has given to you in the past are not one time things that are done and gone.  No, they are still there in the Spirit realm and available for access.  All you need to do is ask Him to bring you back to those experiences again.  It’s as simple as remembering but it is actually much more than that.  He takes you back into the experience again and gives you the same sensations – the sights, sounds, fragrances, and the same emotions as He plays the same melody on your heart strings once again.  You are there.

Remember the time when you saw Jesus on the cross and your heart broke with the love you saw pouring from Him to you?  Go back there again and give Him your heart all over again.  Remember the time you were suddenly gazing into His smiling face with His eyes looking deeply into your spirit?   Go back to that time and gaze again, this time even longer until He bonds you with Him Spirit to spirit.  Remember the dreams of flying like a bird high over the mountains in the sunlight?   He gives us those dreams because we were all meant to fly like that in the Spirit.  Remember those times and fly again, higher now until you fly right into the Heavens with Him.

Memory is a powerful, God given tool.  When it is joined with His Spirit, wonderful things can happen.  We can re-enter the dreams, visions and prophetic experieces we had in the past.  And while we are there, He can give us much more revelation about things we may not have understood the first time.  Watch and listen carefully for His whispers now.  Be sensitive to His leading and try not to direct things yourself.  When you come to the end of the dream or vision as you saw it before, He may want to take you further into the next chapter.  If the scene begins to change, resist the temptation to think “No, that’s not how it happened”.  Just follow the new vision He is super-imposing over the old one.  Within a few seconds you will know if it’s just your own thoughts (which you can bring back into line with His) or if it’s really the Lord trying to take you further into something new.  Let Him lead.   As you practice this method of listening and watching with Him, He can take you anywhere.  There are no boundaries in the Spirit!

What if you’re new at this and don’t yet have experiences with Him to remember and re-enter?  We’ll discuss that in On-ramp #3.  For now, spend time falling in love with Him and know that those who hunger shall be filled.  (Mat: 5:6)