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On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #4 – Going Into The Word   8 comments

Jesus stood thoughtfully stroking His beard as He watched the angels carrying out His plan.  He seemed intent that every detail be perfect. Standing in the green meadow under a large spreading tree, He instructed them exactly where to place everything.

The exquisite cloth was to be laid out near the quiet river, under the boughs of the tree.  He smiled at the richness of detail in the burgundy silk and velvet fabrics with the golden fringes.  He ran His fingers over the small golden flowers of embroidery work that were scattered over the surface.  Angels in white with white feathery wings hovered about, placing china settings for two on golden chargers. The finest china, almost transparent, was adorned with pink roses and edged in fine gold.  Then a golden goblet was positioned beside each setting.  Finally they placed a large picnic basket on the edge of the cloth.  It was open and overflowing with bread, cheese, fruit and a bottle of red wine.

Although He seemed pleased, His demeanor suggested that something was still missing.  Then He produced an ornate golden vase and with a sweeping motion of His right hand He gathered, as if from the air, a bouquet of antique roses.  These were large, double and triple petal varieties in shades of white and pastel pink, yellow and peach.  Their intense fragrances mingled together to create a heady scent.  Lovingly, He placed the bouquet in the center of the cloth and stepped back to admire the scene.

“These are her favorite,” He smiled softly. “She’ll love this.”

It was as though the screen went dark in the Spirit and I waited for the next images to appear.  Gradually what I was viewing began to come into focus like scenes from a movie in which I was now a principle character.  I could hear the soft rippling of a river and the plod of horses hooves.  Feeling the movement of the horse beneath me, I lifted my eyes to see Jesus a few paces ahead with the reins in His hand.  He was leading me along beside still waters, through the same green pastures.  Revelation arose within my spirit.  I was inside Psalm 23.

Glancing down at the long, white velvet gown I was wearing, I quickly took note of His attire.  We were both dressed in the regal, rich courtly clothes of the Renaissance period.  He wore a wine colored velvet jacket, encircled at the waist with a golden belt.  Gold brocade trimmed the stand-up collar and cuffs. Velvet pants of the same shade were tucked into soft, black leather boots which came up to the knee and turned down into large cuffs.

I knew there was something meaningful about the clothes from that era but was unable to interpret it in that moment.  It was only later that a friend with prophetic insight said to me,

“Renaissance? Wasn’t that at the end of the Dark Ages? You’ve been in the Dark Ages, in a sense, for a long time.  Now it would seem that He’s leading you out.”

In each prophetic encounter, every noticeable detail has meaning.  If we do not see it initially, prayer will reveal it in time.  It is the nature of His personality to shower us with such extravagant details that they must be unfolded gradually like a flower opening to release its fragrance.  The color of His garments signified the blood of His covenant with me, while my own white gown spoke of being His bride.

Now as I gazed on Him, my heart longed for Him.  He is always so remarkably regal and yet so comfortable in any environment.  Peacefully leading the horse by the reins, He occasionally glanced back over His shoulder at me.  Locking gazes with Him, I saw the same love mirrored in His eyes for me.

Suddenly the picnic site came into view.  My hand went to my mouth in amazement and I was overjoyed to see where He was leading me.  His reaction to that was delight as well.  He came and whisked me off the horse, down into His arms.  Then He led me to the ‘table’ He had prepared and watched as I breathed in the fragrance of the roses and discovered all the things He had done for me.

I am always overwhelmed that he so specifically takes my favorite things and pours extravagance on them – my favorite flowers, colors and fragrances.  He knows me so well and goes to great lengths to do what He knows I will enjoy the most.  And He is always so pleased when I take notice of each detail.

He poured the wine into the golden goblets and once again fed me the bread and wine which I knew were His broken body and His own precious blood.   He took my hands in His own and turned my palms upward. Placing His cupped hands above mine, He poured the oil of His anointing into my hands until it overflowed, dripping down my arms and onto my garment.  My cup runneth over. . .

He restores my soul.  What more could I possibly want?  I shall not want.  I am in love with Him and He is all that I desire.  And I will dwell with Him, in the house of the Lord forever.

The prophetic experience above was my first encounter of actually being “taken into” the Word of God.  I wanted to share this example with you first before we explore this topic further in the next posting.  May The Lord begin to open the eyes of your spirit to this amazing possibility.