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Obstacles to Entering Heavenly Realms #1   Leave a comment

If there are things we can do to help us enter into God’s realm, we need to also be aware of things that can keep us from ascending.  After spending the last few months dealing with on-ramps into Heavenly realms, I thought it necessary to comment on specific things that can block our progress in each of the areas we have looked at.  As a review, here are the on-ramps we have discussed.

#1 Quieting your spirit
#2 Re-entering you past dreams and visions
#3 Other people’s dreams and visions
#4 Going into the Word
#5 A Godly imagination
#6 Geographical locations

God has extended an invitation to us through the open door of Rev. 4:1 to “Come up here”.  He also tells us in Eph. 2:6 that we are seated with Him in Heavenly places.  One of the most basic ways to access this reality is in learning to quiet ourselves, to listen for His voice, to be at peace.  We discussed this at length in the postings from Dec. 3,’12, Dec. 17,’12 and also at the end of Dec. 31,’12.

If having a disciplined and quiet spirit is helpful in ascending into Heavenly realms with the Lord, then the opposite can actually prevent us from getting there.   Although this seems obvious, it’s helpful to stop at times and take inventory.  Most of us lead very busy lives.  But how much of that busyness is actually necessary?  Are we involved in things that will really count for eternity and bear fruit for His Kingdom? Are we spending quality time with the One we love?  The spirit of this age is designed to keep us away from Him and even to trick us into being involved in busy work that is masked as ministry, especially in many churches.  We can be running in circles always doing things, going to meetings, running programs, until any meaningful time with Him is edited out of the picture.  It’s like eating less and less until finally we become sick and wonder why.

In very busy times of ministry and travelling I have had to rely on “in-flight refueling”… trying to spend time with the Lord on an overnight flight or finding a quiet place in an airport waiting lounge.  This is at best like grabbing a snack here and there instead of a full meal.  When I arrive at the place of ministry I’m always careful to explain that I need some time alone with the Lord.  If I have no time with Him I’ll have nothing to give anyone else.  Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t since plans have already been made for me.  Even in meetings where God is moving mightily and His Presence is tangible I find this is not a substitute for private time with Him alone.  A corporate anointing is awesome and necessary but we can be swept along in that without ever being encountered personally.  I simply must be with the One I love.  And when I return home from that busy time I often find it so difficult to get back into spending that quiet time with Him that I have to start over as I did in the beginning by disciplining myself to just sit quietly and “be” with Him until He reprograms me back into intimacy once again. This is what I was created for and where my heart truly longs to be.

For many people, their time is not their own.  They are responsible to families, employers and others who have need of them.  Mothers with small children, caregivers and those with demanding jobs are in this category.  Of course God understands this. This time in your life is temporary.  Children grow up and jobs change.  In some cases God may have a way out of a demanding job into something better for you.  But even where you are now, if you stop and listen you will hear His voice calling you to quiet yourself and come to Him.  He is not just another demand on your list.  He’s in love with you and your heart longs for Him as well.  Ask Him to create a space of time for you just to be with Him.  I’ve seen Him do that.  Then be very sensitive when that time appears out of nowhere.  Remember that it’s for Him.  Spend it with Him and you will be rewarded by His Presence and His peace.

Remember as always that this is a relationship, not a duty or a formula. We do not simply check Him off the list of things to do.  This is a love affair!

If  learning to quiet ourselves and spend time with Him is an on-ramp into Heavenly realms (and it is) then being too busy for Him, physically, mentally or emotionally is definitely something that can block us from getting there.  He can help us fix this if we let Him.

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #6 – Geographical Locations   Leave a comment

Have you ever stepped into a place and suddenly realized there was an open Heaven there?  I don’t mean just something that was happening at the   moment but something that resided and dwelt there permanently.  There are certain locations on earth where God Himself opens a portal with access into the Heavens.  These locations usually mark places where God has meet with man in a significant way.  They also mark spots where continual worship has ascended up to His throne over long periods of time and speak of the heritage of those who have been instrumental in establishing that place.

There was one such place I stumbled upon in Africa.  It was a missions compound in a very dark place where faithful missionaries had paid a high price  to bring the presence of God and sacrificed to keep it there.  Church meetings were held under a giant tent and I found it easy to enter that “tent of meeting”, sit down on the grass mat on the dirt and ascend straight to the Throne Room or wherever else He wanted to take me!  There was a literal portal that I could see in the Spirit.  Let me try to describe it to you.

This portal resembled a huge shaft of light streaming from Heaven to earth.  On closer examination it revealed countless angels descending down out of Heaven, making a huge spiral to the right, turning all the way to the earth.  At the same time on the opposite side, angels who had completed their assignments here were ascending in a similar spiral to the left.  These two spirals of radiant angels intertwined, going up and down continually, creating a large space in the center where we may ascend into Heavenly realms.  Their forms were brightly glowing and their garments sparkled with light . All I had to do was close my eyes, see that portal and ascend.  I did this daily for the few weeks we were there.  When we came back the next year I found the portal was still there and Heavenly realms were inviting me up once again.

I must add that when I left there it was not so easy to ascend and feel God’s presence so strong in other places.  More discipline and sometimes warfare was needed to reach the same heights in the Spirit.

Geographical locations are important to God.  He began a pattern in Genesis of establishing places of His presence.  In Gen. 12 we see Abraham pitching his tent near Bethel and building an altar there. There were times when altars were built in response to God’s meeting with man and there were other times when men built altars and invited God to come – and He did.  Bethel was one of those places.  Then in Gen. 28, three generations later, we read about Isaac sending Jacob back to the family home in Haran.  Jacob now travels back on the same road that his grandfather Abraham had taken out of Haran.  Along the way he stumbles onto the same place (Bethel)  and God synchronized Heaven and earth because of the open Heavens that had already been established by his grandfather in that place. God showed Jacob the angels that were going up and down the ladder and he was terrified.  His response was, “This is the house of God and I didn’t even know it!”  And there the Lord made the same promises to Jacob that were given to his grandfather and his father. Jacob further established God’s presence there by making vows to the Lord and setting up a pillar as a memorial.

In some locations you can step into the same anointing that exists there currently or previously.  Time is not an issue.  If you go to places in Israel where Jesus was healing the sick, you may find a healing anointing still in that place.  If you go to the places where Brother Lawrence or Kathryn Kuhlman lived and you are sensitive to the Spirit, you may find the same anointing they walked in available to you.  Obviously they paid a price for what they carried.  And so will you … but the invitation is there nonetheless.

As a example of current anointings, if you go to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, U.S. that spirit of prayer and intercession is so thick it’s like stepping into a pool.  You will get wet.  You will be able to enter levels and realms of intercession you have not accessed before.  In fact, anywhere you find a place where prayer and worship are being offered up 24/7 you will find some measure of open Heaven there. Be sensitive to that and respond to His invitation.

We have seen that it is possible to access the same visitation through another mans encounter.  (See previous post from  Jan. 29,’13)  This is because the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. (Rev. 19:10)  Prophecy lives in the testimony.  It’s an invitation for the Lord to come and do the same thing again.  If you speak of healing, or go to a place that was famous for healing, that anointing will show up to heal people again.  If you preach about salvation, that kind of anointing will be present and people will get saved. If you go to a place that was famous for revival, there may be an evangelistic anointing available for you there.

The Word of God  is the open door and there is an invitation for you to come into the same experience as you hear of what God did before.  It opens the Heavens for you to come into the very thing you are hearing.  That’s how alive the Word of God is. (see previous posts from Feb.11,’13 and Mar.6,’13)

The purpose of this post is to make you aware that there are many geographical locations where the Heavens are open and you can more easily access that realm.  If you have opportunity to go to a place like this, take it!  Go and receive whatever He has for you there.  Wherever you go, ask the Lord to make you sensitive to His realm.  But we can’t all just buy a ticket to Israel or Kansas City.  So always remember that Jesus is the open Heaven and His Word is the open door which you can access at any time.

John 14:4,5  “Thomas said unto Him “Lord, we don’t know where you are going.  How can we know the way?”  Jesus said to him, “I AM the way.”

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #5 – A Godly Imagination (cont.)   1 comment

Much of the prophetic happens in the thought realm.  It is not just “all in your mind”.   But it happens to be the area of your mind and thoughts where the Holy  Spirit often chooses to visit you.  Recognizing this and making it a holy place can bring your awareness of Him to new levels.

I would encourage you to read the last post of Mar.19  as a pre-requisite to this one.  Since I have already laid a scriptural foundation there I will simply build on that.  However, let me emphasize once more the importance of having a sanctified imagination.

Eph. 1:18 – Paul prays for us that the “eyes of our understanding would be enlightened (made to see).”   That word ‘understanding’ also means ‘mind’ and ‘imagination’.  We need our imaginations to be enlightened and sanctified (made holy).  Don’t entertain a carnal imagination which defiles our thoughts and dreams.

Many Chirstians are afraid of thier own imaginations, assuming that they are evil or of the flesh.  But they are God given to help us dream with Him and enter into His realm.  Exercise your spiritual senses and keep your heart and attitudes pure.  Repent of all sin and bind up your own thoughts and carnal nature so that you can truly hear and receive from the Lord.  We must learn to trust our Father’s ability to bless us more than we fear the enemy’s ability to deceive us.

Ask the Lord to make you more aware of His Presence with you all the time.  This pleases Him so much that as you turn your thoughts to Him, He will respond by coming closer.  When our hearts and thoughts are pure, there are many times that we can actually start out in our imagination and end up in the Spirit.

As an example of this, let me share a recent experience with you.  One day I was just longing to be with the Lord and I felt a nudge to call for the white horse He had given me.  This is a supernatural horse which was a gift from the Lord.  Her main purpose is to take me to Him and many times as I ride her, she mounts up into the sky and on into Heavenly realms.  So, remembering that she could help me, I “imagined myself” on a windswept beach with the tide coming in.  On my right were the waves, on my left was a long stand of brown sea grass and up ahead was the end of a point where the land turned.  As I lifted my voice and called for my horse, she came running to me from around the point ahead with the wind blowing her mane.  She tossed her head, enjoying the smell of the sea, and came and nuzzled me with her nose.  Then I got on her back and began to ride.  By now I could feel the wind and smell the salty air.

(Although my horse is a real supernatural animal, I was using my imagination to create this scene.  However, as is often the case, at some point the Lord came and took up the story line Himself.  Things began to overlap and then suddenly it took a turn I did not expect.  At that point I understood that it was no longer just my imagination but now He was leading me into a supernatural experience with Him.)

So off I went, riding down the beach.  But soon I was surprised to see that the horse was walking into the sea grass on my left.  I would have imagined that she would keep running down the beach or turn up into the heavens.  I wondered about this for a second until the scene began to change.  The sea grass grew taller until it reached her withers.  Suddenly it was no longer grass but a field of golden wheat, ready for harvest.  (By this time I knew He was leading and I was only along for the ride.)

Now my eyes were opened to see Jesus walking quietly beside me with the reins in His hand.  His eyes met mine and He smiled as He said, “I wanted to be the one to lead you into the harvest fields, my love.”

As a spiritual discipline, use your imagiation to fix your thoughts on God.  Do it every night before you fall asleep and the first thing when you awake.  Don’t fix your thoughts on problems and worry.  That uses your imagination to empower fear and anxiety.  Use it instead to empower and magnify the bigness of God in your mind.  Begin to imagine all that God will do in your life.  Take the scriptures and prophetic words He has given you and dream with them.  See yourself healing the sick, raising the dead, preaching in stadiums or starting orphanages – whatever He has put in your heart.  Daydream with God.

Pretend to walk along the beach with Him or sit beside Him by a campfire watching His stars come out.  All through the day, whenever your mind is free even for a moment, imagine that He is with you.   As you do this something wonderful will happen.  Suddenly you’ll discover that it’s not just your imagination … He IS with you!