On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #5 – A Godly Imagination (cont.)   1 comment

Much of the prophetic happens in the thought realm.  It is not just “all in your mind”.   But it happens to be the area of your mind and thoughts where the Holy  Spirit often chooses to visit you.  Recognizing this and making it a holy place can bring your awareness of Him to new levels.

I would encourage you to read the last post of Mar.19  as a pre-requisite to this one.  Since I have already laid a scriptural foundation there I will simply build on that.  However, let me emphasize once more the importance of having a sanctified imagination.

Eph. 1:18 – Paul prays for us that the “eyes of our understanding would be enlightened (made to see).”   That word ‘understanding’ also means ‘mind’ and ‘imagination’.  We need our imaginations to be enlightened and sanctified (made holy).  Don’t entertain a carnal imagination which defiles our thoughts and dreams.

Many Chirstians are afraid of thier own imaginations, assuming that they are evil or of the flesh.  But they are God given to help us dream with Him and enter into His realm.  Exercise your spiritual senses and keep your heart and attitudes pure.  Repent of all sin and bind up your own thoughts and carnal nature so that you can truly hear and receive from the Lord.  We must learn to trust our Father’s ability to bless us more than we fear the enemy’s ability to deceive us.

Ask the Lord to make you more aware of His Presence with you all the time.  This pleases Him so much that as you turn your thoughts to Him, He will respond by coming closer.  When our hearts and thoughts are pure, there are many times that we can actually start out in our imagination and end up in the Spirit.

As an example of this, let me share a recent experience with you.  One day I was just longing to be with the Lord and I felt a nudge to call for the white horse He had given me.  This is a supernatural horse which was a gift from the Lord.  Her main purpose is to take me to Him and many times as I ride her, she mounts up into the sky and on into Heavenly realms.  So, remembering that she could help me, I “imagined myself” on a windswept beach with the tide coming in.  On my right were the waves, on my left was a long stand of brown sea grass and up ahead was the end of a point where the land turned.  As I lifted my voice and called for my horse, she came running to me from around the point ahead with the wind blowing her mane.  She tossed her head, enjoying the smell of the sea, and came and nuzzled me with her nose.  Then I got on her back and began to ride.  By now I could feel the wind and smell the salty air.

(Although my horse is a real supernatural animal, I was using my imagination to create this scene.  However, as is often the case, at some point the Lord came and took up the story line Himself.  Things began to overlap and then suddenly it took a turn I did not expect.  At that point I understood that it was no longer just my imagination but now He was leading me into a supernatural experience with Him.)

So off I went, riding down the beach.  But soon I was surprised to see that the horse was walking into the sea grass on my left.  I would have imagined that she would keep running down the beach or turn up into the heavens.  I wondered about this for a second until the scene began to change.  The sea grass grew taller until it reached her withers.  Suddenly it was no longer grass but a field of golden wheat, ready for harvest.  (By this time I knew He was leading and I was only along for the ride.)

Now my eyes were opened to see Jesus walking quietly beside me with the reins in His hand.  His eyes met mine and He smiled as He said, “I wanted to be the one to lead you into the harvest fields, my love.”

As a spiritual discipline, use your imagiation to fix your thoughts on God.  Do it every night before you fall asleep and the first thing when you awake.  Don’t fix your thoughts on problems and worry.  That uses your imagination to empower fear and anxiety.  Use it instead to empower and magnify the bigness of God in your mind.  Begin to imagine all that God will do in your life.  Take the scriptures and prophetic words He has given you and dream with them.  See yourself healing the sick, raising the dead, preaching in stadiums or starting orphanages – whatever He has put in your heart.  Daydream with God.

Pretend to walk along the beach with Him or sit beside Him by a campfire watching His stars come out.  All through the day, whenever your mind is free even for a moment, imagine that He is with you.   As you do this something wonderful will happen.  Suddenly you’ll discover that it’s not just your imagination … He IS with you!

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  1. Great write up. Very beneficial to me.

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