Obstacles to Entering Heavenly Realms #1   Leave a comment

If there are things we can do to help us enter into God’s realm, we need to also be aware of things that can keep us from ascending.  After spending the last few months dealing with on-ramps into Heavenly realms, I thought it necessary to comment on specific things that can block our progress in each of the areas we have looked at.  As a review, here are the on-ramps we have discussed.

#1 Quieting your spirit
#2 Re-entering you past dreams and visions
#3 Other people’s dreams and visions
#4 Going into the Word
#5 A Godly imagination
#6 Geographical locations

God has extended an invitation to us through the open door of Rev. 4:1 to “Come up here”.  He also tells us in Eph. 2:6 that we are seated with Him in Heavenly places.  One of the most basic ways to access this reality is in learning to quiet ourselves, to listen for His voice, to be at peace.  We discussed this at length in the postings from Dec. 3,’12, Dec. 17,’12 and also at the end of Dec. 31,’12.

If having a disciplined and quiet spirit is helpful in ascending into Heavenly realms with the Lord, then the opposite can actually prevent us from getting there.   Although this seems obvious, it’s helpful to stop at times and take inventory.  Most of us lead very busy lives.  But how much of that busyness is actually necessary?  Are we involved in things that will really count for eternity and bear fruit for His Kingdom? Are we spending quality time with the One we love?  The spirit of this age is designed to keep us away from Him and even to trick us into being involved in busy work that is masked as ministry, especially in many churches.  We can be running in circles always doing things, going to meetings, running programs, until any meaningful time with Him is edited out of the picture.  It’s like eating less and less until finally we become sick and wonder why.

In very busy times of ministry and travelling I have had to rely on “in-flight refueling”… trying to spend time with the Lord on an overnight flight or finding a quiet place in an airport waiting lounge.  This is at best like grabbing a snack here and there instead of a full meal.  When I arrive at the place of ministry I’m always careful to explain that I need some time alone with the Lord.  If I have no time with Him I’ll have nothing to give anyone else.  Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t since plans have already been made for me.  Even in meetings where God is moving mightily and His Presence is tangible I find this is not a substitute for private time with Him alone.  A corporate anointing is awesome and necessary but we can be swept along in that without ever being encountered personally.  I simply must be with the One I love.  And when I return home from that busy time I often find it so difficult to get back into spending that quiet time with Him that I have to start over as I did in the beginning by disciplining myself to just sit quietly and “be” with Him until He reprograms me back into intimacy once again. This is what I was created for and where my heart truly longs to be.

For many people, their time is not their own.  They are responsible to families, employers and others who have need of them.  Mothers with small children, caregivers and those with demanding jobs are in this category.  Of course God understands this. This time in your life is temporary.  Children grow up and jobs change.  In some cases God may have a way out of a demanding job into something better for you.  But even where you are now, if you stop and listen you will hear His voice calling you to quiet yourself and come to Him.  He is not just another demand on your list.  He’s in love with you and your heart longs for Him as well.  Ask Him to create a space of time for you just to be with Him.  I’ve seen Him do that.  Then be very sensitive when that time appears out of nowhere.  Remember that it’s for Him.  Spend it with Him and you will be rewarded by His Presence and His peace.

Remember as always that this is a relationship, not a duty or a formula. We do not simply check Him off the list of things to do.  This is a love affair!

If  learning to quiet ourselves and spend time with Him is an on-ramp into Heavenly realms (and it is) then being too busy for Him, physically, mentally or emotionally is definitely something that can block us from getting there.  He can help us fix this if we let Him.

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