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Heaven – The Presence of God   2 comments

One of the most amazing things about Heaven is the all-pervading sense of the Presence of God.

It is a place where there is no evil, no sin, no temptation and no enemy.   That fact alone sets us free from more than we realize.   We are so constantly bombarded with these things in this realm that stepping on shore there is something similar to the opposite of trauma.   There is such a relief of the pain and pressure we didn’t realize we were in here.   Our spirit is released from bondage.   Gravity has lost its hold and we can fly.   There is no danger.  None.  There is no more temptation bombarding us with evil.   It is gone.   The restless thoughts and even tormented minds are now quiet and at peace … God’s peace, not as the world could ever give.  (John 14:27)

The presence of God is tangibly felt and visibly seen everywhere.   It is so obviously God who holds everything together.   The glory of His presence can be felt all the way to the farthest corner of His realm (so to speak) but it increases in intensity the closer one gets to the throne.  There it moves out in periodic waves like a tsunami and everyone within range falls on their faces.   It is no wonder that they cast their crowns before His feet (Rev.4:10) and the Seraphim cry “Holy, Holy, Holy”.  (Isa.6:1-4)   They have been doing this since they were created, before the foundation of the world.   Someone has said that every time they make another flight around the throne, they see another aspect of the character of God they’ve never seen before and it causes them to shout out “Holy” once again.

He is limitless.   All those things you have read about Him in the Bible are true.   All those songs you have sung about Him – Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent …   We will have forever to learn more about Him and still be forever learning, seeing new things we never saw before.

And within this all-encompassing presence of the Lord is the deep settled knowledge that you are finally “Home”.   Whether you’ve ever really known a true home on earth or not, the sense of home and family there are overwhelming.  You are loved.   You are wanted.   You are welcome as a child in your Father’s family.   This is home.  Forever.

The following is a short video called “Father’s House” by Laura Rhinehart.

Heaven – Communication in that Realm   1 comment

What is communication like in Heavenly realms?  It is as though the veils are lifted from our minds and we are suddenly free to know, to see, to experience more than we ever thought possible.  The noise within us is finally stilled so that we can hear God’s voice … His thoughts.

Communication in Heaven is often by thought.  It is instant and much faster than by word.  Words are also used and there are many different languages that we knew on earth but everyone understands them all.  Each word is so alive with wisdom and knowledge that they are like doorways leading to another realm of understanding our mortal minds have never known.  “What I know now is only partial; then it will be complete – as complete as God’s knowledge of me.” 1 Cor. 13:12 GNB

In a vision, my husband once found himself in a library in Heaven.  As he passed the rows of lovely volumes, the knowledge they contained came flowing out of the covers to him!  He found it very difficult to keep walking to his destination because every time he looked at one of the books he not only knew what was in it, but it was downloading knowledge to him at a glance.  Such is the nature of wisdom and revelation in that realm.  It is given freely.  There is nothing there to  interfere with God’s original plan for man.

Everyone in Heaven knows all there is to know about everyone else, yet still they love with the Father’s love.  Those who have been forgiven much, love much. (Luke 7:47)  There is no hiding but only complete acceptance and freedom.

There is no need for a cell phone, the internet or any of the technology that we know and depend on now.  Some people’s idea of Heaven is that it might be a place similar to this earth but with greatly superior technology.  But Heaven is a supernatural realm which so far exceeds the highest form of technology that there is no comparison.  When knowledge is needed, it is immediately given.    Often you know the answer as soon as you ask the question.  There is no sin there to hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit.  Your spirit is fully open to Him.  This also implies that the less sin there is in us now, the more knowledge and wisdom can flow to us by the Spirit.

In one of my experiences in Heaven, Jesus and I were sitting on a bench in the lovely gardens.  On this day He began to address issues in my heart that needed to change, but still the love in His eyes did not diminish.  There was no hint of condemnation.  There was only such deep love that His whole focus was on me.

“How can We help you solve this problem?” He asked sincerely. “What would be helpful?”

Once again I was humbled to see that His purpose is always redemptive.  It is the enemy who condemns, never the Lord. (Rom.8:1)  God’s goal is always to restore us to the intimacy that He enjoyed with Adam and even to build on that foundation.

Returning my thoughts to the problem at hand, I realized I had failed the same test many times.  I began to wonder if it would be beneficial to ask for private angelic tutoring.  I seemed to have forgotten for the moment that in Heaven whatever one desires is instantly granted, because those desires are in agreement with the Father’s will.

Suddenly there was an angel on the bench beside me where the Lord had been. Immediately I realized that this beautiful creature had already been briefed on the situation, or was invisibly there all along.  Now she entered into the middle of the conversation which I had assumed was only between the Lord and myself.

“Well,” she mused, gesturing around her, “Here in Heaven there is nothing to distract or cause annoyance or frustration.”

There is a sense in which the angels who live in that glorious realm cannot fully understand what we endure on earth.  But they are also amazed many times at our lack of ability to appropriate what Christ has made available to us at so high a cost.  She was so pure and gentle that there was no possibility of being offended by her words.  Still, her parting statement pierced my heart and brought me to tears.

Looking into my eyes, she gazed deeply into my spirit as if searching for something.

“However,” she smiled thoughtfully, continuing her former conversation, “You do have your Father’s nature.  That should help!”

*  Parts of this posting are a re-post from former writings on this blog – Created for Both Realms – Communication in the Spirit.  Since we are talking about Heaven now, I felt it appropriate to include it in this series also.