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The large hall was set and ready for the meeting to begin.  The musicians were tuning their instruments.  People were arriving and greeting each other before taking their seats and there was already a sense of His presence and an air of expectancy.

Suddenly Jesus appeared in front of me, smiling broadly.  Manifested in this form as the Man, Christ Jesus, He always takes my breath away.  Opening His arms to me, He invited me to dance. My weak knees led me to Him as I accepted His invitation.  Being in His arms is to be surrounded by a cloud of His fragrance, a cloud of His protection, a cloud of His love.

Music came from somewhere as He whisked me out into the open area.  Then all else disappeared – the people, the instruments, the chairs and even the carpet which had covered the wood floor we were now dancing on.  In the light of His presence, gazing into His wonderful eyes I see nothing else but Him.  I want nothing else but Him.  To be held in His embrace, learning how to move as one with Him is my only desire.

For a long time we followed the music around the room and I revelled in the sweetness of His presence.  But then without warning Jesus also disappeared, at least from my natural vision.  Startled, I realized that nothing else had changed.  The music continued in the empty room and I could still feel His strong arms guiding me in the dance and the warmth of His hand holding mine.

There was, however, one thing that changed.  In the moment He disappeared from my sight His presence magnified greatly, causing what had been a blissful, sweet experience to now become so intense it was overpowering.  I rested my head on His shoulder and wept.  Now I was no longer moving on my own for He was carrying me.

So often when I am wrapped in His embrace, I find that words are unnecessary.  There is a language that communicates on a much deeper level, Spirit to spirit.  Now He was teaching me that sight is sometimes as unnecessary as words.  The reality of the Spirit realm goes as far beyond physical sight as it goes beyond earthly physical language.

Here, for these moments suspended in time, in this new realm of the Spirit where I had entered with Him, spiritual sight had overcome the natural.

II Cor. 4:18 Amp. – “We consider and look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen: for the things that are visible are temporal (brief and fleeting) but the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting.”

3 responses to “The Dance

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  1. Never stop with this website, i absolutely love it! Also, how are you able to see the lord? For example, the one post you did when you were talking about how you were playing hide and seek with the lord and danced with him. And how you say to walk into the arms of the lord or how God took you into his arms. I can’t hug him or play hide and go seek with him or look into his eyes and see love. It’s really frustrating! Can you please show me how you do this.

    • I hear in your comment the voice of one who is lovesick and longing for the Beloved. (Song of Solomon 5:8) Remember that those who hunger and thirst … shall be filled. (Mt. 5:6) Jesus Himself will fill the hunger that He has created in you.

      Try not to be frustrated in your relationship with Him. It will unfold slowly like a flower releasing its fragrance. I realize that not everyone has experiences like this. I don’t have them every day. But we can. He wants to take us there. I write about my experiences as an example of what is available to us in the Spirit. All that I have seen is only like a theatrical trailer for what’s really available! There is no limit in Him.

      As to the “how to”, look back in my archives under the categories Intimacy With The Lord and also On-ramps Into Heavenly Realms. There is much explanation there about relationship and also practical ways to help change our mindset from natural to spiritual and answer His call to “Come up here” (Rev. 4:1).

      I pray that Jesus will open the eyes of your heart and your understanding to see Him in any way He chooses to reveal Himself to you. Blessings on your journey!

  2. What a truly amazing picture! I have seen myself many times dancing with the Lord often in a “Sound of Music ” setting but of course as you mentioned – as you twirl around nothing matters but HIM….you lose sight of anything else and the only place your eyes are fixed are on HIM. This to me is a picture of life. I look forward to the sweet smells you described which I have not yet been privy to…except there is a certain place in my bible around Deut 28 where I always smell this heavenly oil smell -it’s just wonderful and unlike anything I’ve smelled before…almost like anointing oil.
    Thank you for sharing…you and your husband just bless me so much since the Lord led me to you some years back. May we all continue these wonderful encounters and may HE make us HIS habitation! All glory to our JESUS! Thank you Abba!

    Catrin Beck Glasgow

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