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Prophetic Intercession 6   2 comments

The hot wind coming from the Indian Ocean blew sand across the tent of meeting, stinging our faces.  But along with the clouds of sand, there were spiritual clouds of glory that day as worshippers from around the world exalted Jesus as King. As the Holy Spirit began to give prophetic insight into how to pray for several different countries, the presence of God became thick and people began to intercede for their nations.  In the midst of this, my husband looked toward the makeshift platform and saw Jesus standing high above the tent. His form stretched up into the sky and He was clothed in priestly garments.  The light coming from Him was so bright that little could be seen of His face.  Small orbs of light were spinning around Him, now touching, now lifting off of His glory.  As intercession was made, the orbs of light were sent speeding out to the earth to all the countries and people who were being prayed for.  Help and hope were on the way.

Don’t ever think that your situation is hopeless.  Don’t ever think that God does not hear or that He does not care.  Whether your problems are large or small, whether they concern just you or your whole nation, He hears every voice crying out to Him and sees every tear.  In fact, your tears are so precious to Him that He keeps them in a bottle of remembrance! (Psa.56:8)  Even your whisper for help resounds in His ears like a baby crying for its mother.  He will not forget you and He will not forsake you. (Heb.13:5)

Once in an encounter with the Lord when I was feeling distraught and hopeless, He opened His hand to me. There, tattooed on His palm, was my name!  I was shocked and undone.  But without a word He had assured me of His great love for me and the fact that He would never forget. ( Isa.49:15,16)

Never give up. Keep praying! (1 Thess.5:17, Isa.62:6,7, Ps. 55:17, Lev. 6:13)

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Words For The New Year 2015   Leave a comment

I was recently impacted by a message and prophetic word through Dutch Sheets, an American apostle and prophet whose ministry I have learned to trust.   As this new year begins, I wanted to share these words with you.
“The decisions we make over the next 6 months are so important they will define the rest of our lives!   Power to prevail is being poured out.  There is an abundance of grace now to help us draw closer to God than ever before.  You must take all the revelation He has given you and now step into the fullness of what it’s meant to produce.
It is a fullness of time.  We have moved through a kairos window and stand at a fullness of time.  No more delay! You must believe this! No more delay, it’s epiphany time, turn around time.”
I also thought it a good time to help bring clarity to the variety of prophetic words you may be receiving and reading online at this time of year.  Sometimes one will appear to conflict with another and seem confusing.  Here are some answers that may prove helpful.

A word about conflicting prophecies:
God has given prophets to the body of Christ (1 Cor.12:28) and He does speak through them.  Paul tells us that, while all do not have the office of the prophet, all can prophesy. (1 Cor.14:31 )  This simply means that His sheep know His voice and He should be able to speak to any one of His children who will listen and respond.(John 10:27)  Prophecy should be judged by what God has already established in His Word. ( 1 Cor. 14:29, 2 Tm. 3:16)

Just as there were false prophets in both the Old and New Testament, there are false prophets today.   Most were called to be true prophets of God but they have taken a wrong path and been captured by the enemy.  Their words are poison and bring destruction to the Body of Christ.
There are also those who are true prophets but make the mistake of thinking that everything they think must be from God. This is never the case. We are human and in great need of Him. Their prophecies are tainted with mixture which brings confusion. Even when there is scripture to back up their words, it is the underlying attitude of anger and pride that must be judged. In some cases we can ‘eat the fish and spit out the bones’ but sometimes we are wounded by a mouth full of bones.

Still other prophets have been wounded themselves and therefore speak from a wounded heart that needs to be healed before their prophecies can bring health and life to the Body.  If they have been betrayed, many of their words will come out of that base, bringing suspicion and fear.  It can even become a type of “if this happened to me then it will happen to you as well”.   I have seen those who end up actually prophesying harm over others which is the opposite of what they are called to do.  We do reproduce after our own kind.  When we minister out of woundedness we only reproduce woundedness.  This is why the priests in the Old Testament were not allowed to minister in the temple if they had scabs (unhealed wounds). (Lev.21:17-21)  If you are in this category, please take a time out, repent and ask God for healing and restoration.  Then when you are restored you can strengthen others.


Another reason for prophecies that seem to conflict is that we are in times of both great darkness and great light as portrayed in Isa. 60:1.2.   Some prophecies are speaking about the darkness and warning of impending judgment if we do not repent.  This is scriptural and right.  We do need to be warned.  We do need to repent; personally and for our families, churches, cities and nations in intercession.   There are some to whom God has given this task of warning.  It is a difficult task and they need to be upheld in prayer.  Some of the pitfalls for them are pride, rejection and being overtaken by the very darkness they are warning about.  Some have even become snipers, attacking the other prophets whose messages are of prosperity and blessing.

There are some prophetic voices I have been stung by and learned not to trust.  There are others I read with some caution.  But there are those whom I have followed for years.   While all of us are human and flawed, these have a proven track record not only in the words they speak but the heart from which they speak them.   These I have listed in my “recommended reading” and “recommended links”.   I also pay attention to those new voices that they recommend.  God is raising up a whole new generation of those with pure hearts that will hear and speak His words.

When reading prophetic lists of words from several different voices it can require discernment.   While there is a general theme that shows God speaking the same thing to His people all over the world, there are also words that seem to contradict each other.   But don’t be confused.   God is giving us a wealth of treasure in these words of wisdom.   There is not necessarily a conflict between the words of blessing and hope and the words of dark and difficult times.   They are often both sides of one coin.   It’s not either one or the other.  It’s both.  There is great darkness in the world in which we live but the Spirit of God is arising in us bringing great light into that darkness. (Isa.60)

Some prophecies are for specific nations or areas or times.  There will be great light and great darkness in the same city.  Everything you read is not for you personally.  But God is pouring out more revelation for us now than ever before.  We are so blessed to have been chosen to live in these times. We are being prepared to be a part of the last end time harvest.  That harvest, by the way, is when ALL the seeds sown in the earth have grown up to maturity – both the wheat and the tares, both good and evil! (Matt.13:30)  We are being prepared as soldiers in the army of God.

Here is a link to 2 prophetic words from a trusted source that I believe will encourage you greatly.  These are words for the Body of Christ around the world wherever you are.  They were actually given a few months ago but are for this new year.  They are lengthy but so filled with destiny that they are worth studying thoroughly.  I pray that you will receive an impartation of His courage, hope and grace as you read them.
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It is time for us to arise and shine, to absorb and reflect His nature.