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The Fire Hose   Leave a comment

There have been so many exciting, prophetic words in the last few months. Many seem to be on a grander, more world-wide scale than ever before, challenging our faith to actually believe such astonishing prophecies. People often measure a prophetic word by their current circumstances. But that is backwards! The prophetic word comes to change us and our circumstances to line up with His Word and His plan for us. It will make a great difference in how we treat the prophecy. Will we judge it as impossible or simply not for us, because of our current circumstances? Or will we open our hearts to the open door God is offering us?

In regard to this, I had a rather humorous vision of myself and several other people standing around in a group, discussing some recent prophetic words. Some of the older people were saying things like “Well, what can I do at my age?” Others said, “If there was only an open door, I would walk through it”. Some wondered, “How can I do anything in these circumstances?” Some of the younger ones were excited about the possibility of ministry, but immature and wondering where to go and what to do.

Suddenly Jesus appeared and somehow lined everyone up, like a Father gently leading a group of children all into order. Then He produced a large and very long fire hose. While we were all still talking among each other and looking around, He simply handed me a section of the fire hose and said “Here, hold this.” As I took it, He handed the next section to the person beside me, until we were all holding the hose in a line in the proper way. Then He turned on the water. The blast was so great it knocked several of us down. But we got up and held onto the hose, pointing it in the direction He showed us. Although it could have easily put out any fire the enemy had started, this powerful blast seemed to be the ‘water of life’, a blast from Heaven to pour water on the dry ground and bring a flood of righteousness. On earth as it is in Heaven, Mt. 6:10

It is quite simply His power, not our own. He is getting us into line, and each of us will get a chance to help hold the hose.

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