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Hi, my name is LaQueta Paul. Welcome to my blog.

I have been in ministry with my husband and family for many years.  Together we have served in pastoral ministry in churches, teaching and preaching in several nations among many denominations and more recently teaching and mentoring young emerging leaders in the Body of Christ.  We also served as missionaries with Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in South Africa and Mozambique.

Our ministry website can be found at and contact can also be made through that site.

The purpose of this blog is to help restore the Bride of Christ to intimacy with the Bridegroom and to teach her to fly in the Spirit realm.

I pray that as you read of my experiences you may be able to enter into them … to see what I saw, hear what I heard and ascend into Heavenly realms also. Once there, Jesus will take you on journeys of your own.

Come, He is waiting !

Posted May 7, 2012 by comeawaymylove

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  1. Thank God for using you to school us in the supernatural.
    I must confess, the articles are really inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    This is the best school for all those who want to study the realms of God.
    I pray for the chance to communicate with you often.
    God bless you.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I never really thought of this as a school. But teaching in supernatural training schools is one of my favorite things to do whenever I have the opportunity. I am honored to teach whatever He has taught me.

  2. Wow! What an exciting blog. I am so blessed to know your feet touched my soil (SA)

    • I am the one who is blessed with every reader from South Africa! I always felt our time there was cut short and I missed ministering to so many precious people. I have continually asked the Lord to restore those opportunities and every South African reader is an awesome confirmation of His faithfulness!

  3. LaQueta is there an option for people to subscribe to your blog via email?

  4. I’ve just discovered your excellent blog and am excited to read your profile to see all the fruit you have born for the Kingdom. I’ve just read a few of your articles but am planning on reading as many as I can. Over the next three weeks I am preaching in my home church in the evenings on the subject of Portals and visitation from God, that’s how I found one of your recent articles which was really informative. Looking forward to finding lots of revelation that I can incorporate into what I’m speaking about. I believe that we here in the capital city of Australia, Canberra, are on the verge of a revival and your blog has helped plant seeds into that.

  5. I am enjoying your experiences and wisdom from the Lord. I found this blog due to a search for some of Rick Joyner’s writings concerning the cloud of witnesses. I couldnt remember where in the book I had read it so I Googled it and found it here. I am very familiar with Anna Rountree and many others that have been to heaven. I have been so blessed and encouraged by everyone’s experience. lately I have been reading Erin Aleshire’s (find her writings on Amazon) experiences as she has daily encounters with the Lord and is a living prophetic example of the Bride as the Lord ministers to her from the balustrade of heaven. He is preparing the Bride for His return and many of us are watching and we know this is the season and time of the great harvest. Your experiences are a great blessing, plz continue to encourage us few who almost envy those whom have been to heaven and back. 🙂

  6. Hello LaQueta Paul, my name is Ngozi ILouno, a
    Nigerian living in Boston MA. I stumbled into your blogs this evening as I was studying the WORD OF GOD. I read, and read, and read ( the past blogs and the current ). I am very blessed, encouraged, refreshed, inspired and rekindled by reading these blogs. Oh..! Words are not enough to explain the confirmations and resolve The Holy Spirit is working out in my heart right now.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you for His bride, and for being part of the missionaries and intercesors God is using for Nigeria. I will continue to read your blogs for you are truly a blessing. May the LORD supply all your family and ministry needs in His name. Please keep me in your prayers . Thank you.

  7. Hi sister☺️ Just want to let you know that I appreciate the things you share in order to help believers know the Lord like they are supposed to. I also appreciate your prayers as I have come to know Jesus more since I wrote you the first time. Hugs 💕

  8. Hello, thank you for writing these blogs. I’m reading them everyday. I knew I wasn’t the only one having these experiences & encounters but I was just looking for someone else to give confirmation that they are in fact real & I haven’t completely lost my mind. Thank you so much for sharing. As you rightfully said, some things are to be shared & some are not & until I figure out what the Lord wants me to do with mine I’ll have to remain silent. I do have one burning question that I would like answered. Can I send you an email about it? Or call? May God continue to use you in this for the many others like myself that are new & searching for answers.

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