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Under The Aquarium and The Ruby Slippers   3 comments

In a dream I seemed to be in a large aquarium, something like Sea World.  I was with a group of people in a spacious underground room where there were sofas and chairs scattered around.  The group of people was small compared to the room.

Instead of the usual large aquarium that was behind a glass wall at eye level, this one was just a couple of feet above our heads and we were looking up to see the fish.  There were many beautiful varieties of fish and other sea creatures but no predators.  My attention was drawn to a group of small sea turtles coming my direction.  They were about the size of dinner plates.  As they drew near I happened to see some of their feet poking through the water into the air around me!  Startled, I reached up and touched the water.  I had assumed I was underneath a glass ceiling but this was obviously not the case!  I poked my hand right up through the water and pulled it back again, laughing.  I wasn’t getting splashed or wet at all and no drops were falling on me but there was no barrier between me and the water world above.  It was staying where it belonged but it was obvious that I could have gone up into it at will.  The other people in the room seemed to understand this and were not frightened by it.  They merely smiled at my discovery.

Then one of the others handed me their baby to look after for awhile.  He was an adorable little thing and came to me gladly.  While I was carrying him around I noticed some seats at a higher level near the water above, so I took him up there.  He was delighted with the water and being able to see the fish up close just above him.  Laughing, he put his hands up into the water to play with them.  I found it interesting that he accepted the water above and the fish gladly with no fear, as if it was normal.

Now I heard a piano and recognized the voice of a favorite worship leader from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, USA.  Picking up the baby, I went to join the crowd that had now gathered around the piano in this room under the aquarium.

When I awoke from this strange dream, the Lord began to explain it to me.  It was a reminder once again of just how close His realm really is and how easily it can be accessed.  There was no barrier between this realm and the Heavenly realm.  The veil wasn’t just thin – it didn’t even exist!

There were only a few people who chose to be in this place.  To everyone else, what we were experiencing was considered impossible.  Taking care of the baby was a picture of leading the young ones higher, caring for them and introducing them to the Spirit realm.  These young ones accept it as quite normal.

The worship leader was meant to help us make the transition from our realm (in the lower room) up into the higher realm (in the water).  In this case, going from the natural realm here up into the Spirit realm.

Shortly after this dream, the Lord chose to underline it for me once again.  I was sitting in a large worship gathering when I noticed that one of the singers on the platform was wearing red sequin shoes that glittered under the lights.  I giggled and thought “Hmmm, Dorothy’s ruby slippers! (from the Wizard of Oz)  Now what would You like to say to me about that, Lord?”  And He quickly replied, “There’s no place like home!  And you know that your home is here in My realm with Me.”

Obstacles to Entering Heavenly Realms – #4 and 5   3 comments

In the list of on-ramps into Heavenly realms, #4 was “going into the Word” (see March 6 and Feb.11 postings).  The Word of God is so alive that we may enter into its experiences and receive the revelation He intends to give us.  On the other hand – if we don’t read it, we will forfeit that on-ramp.

It is also important to know the Word and have a solid foundation there.  Any experiences we have must be founded in scripture.    There may be many prophetic experiences you have which cannot be found “specifically” in scripture, but they must fit into the themes of scripture … the character of God and of His angels … the foundational truths of the Word.   There must be no conflict between the Word of God and your dreams and visions.  For example – Jesus will never tell you to do anything that violates His Word.

#5 on the list of on-ramps into Heavenly Realms was a “Godly imagination.” (see March 18 and April 1 postings)   Reading these once again will be very helpful to see our imagination in a positive light.  On the other hand, entertaining a carnal imagination will empower negative things.  If focusing our thoughts and imaginations on God and His plans for us empowers those plans, then allowing our imagination to be used in negative ways will empower things like fear and anxiety.   It can also empower those fears to become reality, like prophesying over yourself for good or for evil.   We do have that power.   Our imaginations must be guarded and practiced.   Heb. 5:14 tells us that “solid food is for those who are full grown, who by reason of use or practice have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

In the posting of March 19,  I said that “our creative nature (we were made in the image of God who created all there is), when coupled with our imagination, can jump-start us into a place where all things are possible.”  Conversely, our creative nature and imagination can be used for great evil.  Just before the flood in Gen. 6:5 God declared that every imagination of the thoughts of mans heart was only evil continually.  Man, apart from God, has always chosen to use his God given imagination for evil.   When this happens, great evil is loosed in the earth.

Since man was given stewardship over this earth (Gen.1:28,29,  Psa. 115:16) we have the authority to cooperate with God and see great blessing here – or to submit to the enemy and see destruction and evil overtake us.  This is why our intercession is important.   We still have the ability to change the balance here.   Even the earth itself is crying out with us (Rom.8:19,22) for the sons of God to come into their full authority so that we may participate with the Lord in His restoration process.   Practice speaking restoration and blessing into the atmosphere when you are out in nature.   You can speak to your own land and garden or to places that need restoring.   Lay your hands on news articles and photos of places where storms have done great destruction.   Speak blessing and restoration to the land, the water, the animals and the people.  Pray for His Kingdom to come … as it is in Heaven, as He taught us. (Matt.6:10)

Ask the Lord to give you creative ideas and inventions.   There is a great release of this among God’s people now.  I recently read of some young men with a dream and an idea for water purification systems.   Now they travel into war torn areas to provide clean water in conflict zones and for those in refugee camps  (  God has no shortage of ideas and answers and He loves to use His people to implement them and bring hope.  That’s why we are here.

If you realize you have been using your imagination in a wrong way, if it has been compromised to the enemy in any way, simply repent and return to the Lord.   Ask Him to sanctify your imagination, to set it apart as holy unto Him.   Then guard your heart and mind.   Do not entertain the enemy’s thoughts but fill your mind with God’s word and His thoughts about you.  Ask Him to dream with you and show you what He imagines for your life.   It will change everything and jump-start your creativity once again.

Obstacles to Entering Heavenly Realms – #2 and 3   Leave a comment

We have been discussing several on-ramps into Heavenly realms.  (see previous postings)  In that list  # 2 and 3 were “entering into our past dreams and visions and also those of other people.”  Our prophetic encounters with the Lord can be re-entered and also used as an on-ramp into His realm.  The same holds true for listening to other people’s experiences, whether through books, videos or hearing them personally.  When we speak of the Lord, He comes with His presence.  It’s an open invitation for those who hear or read to enter as well.

If entering Heavenly realms is possible in this way, then it is also true that re-entering negative dreams or experiences, whether our own or others, can block us from His presence.  If we talk about the Lord and He shows up, the same is true when we begin to talk about the enemy and his evil realm.  We have all experienced this in small groups when someone is speaking of the Lord and His presence floods the room … or when someone wants to talk about demonic activity and suddenly the light is sucked from the room and you feel a cold chill.

If there was witchcraft or any type of occult activity in your past (or your generations) repent of it and renounce it.  Do not go back to think about or re-enter those experiences or nightmares again.  They are a trap that must be avoided.  In the same way, it is very unwise to read of other peoples occult experiences or activities.  Do not allow that into your house or your thoughts.  It opens up a realm of darkness instead of light.  We are of the light, not the darkness (1 Thess. 5:5)

If you are a counsellor you will have to listen to many negative experiences.  The purity and holiness of your own heart will be a safety for you.  Then when the enemy comes he will find nothing in you that can be used to bring you down. (John 14:30)  Make it a practice, before and after counselling sessions, to repent of all sin and plead the blood of Jesus over you.  This is not out of fear but wisdom because we are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices. (2 Cor. 2:11)  He always seeks to gain entrance. (1 Pet. 5:8)  Counsellors and intercessors need to be careful not to take the pain and trauma of others upon themselves.  This helps nothing.  God is the great counsellor and intercessor and our goal is always to bring them to Him.  He is the one with the comfort and answers.  Sometimes that will flow through us in words of wisdom or acts of compassion.    Sometimes the wisdom is just to bring them to Him so they can experience His presence.  Teach them how to find Him.  Place them in His arms and let Him do the rest.  Then leave the pain and trauma with Him.

There are nightmares sent by the enemy to torment us.  Perhaps this is a good time to note something important.  Nightmares sometimes come from traumas of the past. This includes not only obvious emotional trauma … death of a loved one, divorce, miscarriage, job loss, bankruptcy and other obvious situations, but also things like accidents and injury.  The enemy loves to find a weak spot and use it as a place to attack us repeatedly.   If you are experiencing this, lay your hands on your head and let me pray for you.

“Father, in Jesus name I break the shock and trauma off of these people. I command nightmares and destructive thought patterns to cease now and be replaced with dreams and visions from the Lord.  Fill them with Your peace.”

Another important thing to know about nightmares, especially in children, is this … the enemy knows that this is a prophetic generation of young people and he tries to stop that in its infancy.   His tactic is to send frightening nightmares which cause the children to be afraid, not only of sleep but of dreaming!  When this is happening to your children you can be assured that they are dreamers who God wants to dream through and speak through!  Satan has overplayed his hand.  Pray with your children, rebuke the enemy and command nightmares and all their ill effects to be gone and replaced by God’s dreams.  Pay close attention to your childrens dreams and never just pass them off as childish.  God does speak to them and through them.

We can enter into other people’s experiences in a positive way by hearing testimonies of angels and Heavenly realms.  Or we can enter into another persons negative experiences and be adversely affected by them. Just as there are Godly impartations through various forms of media, there are also ungodly and evil impartations through books, movies etc.  We do well when we choose to avoid these things, keeping watch over our own minds, our homes and our families.

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #3 – Other Peoples Dreams and Visions   Leave a comment

We’ve been discussing some on-ramps into Heavenly realms – how to position ourselves, how to get there.  Keep in mind as always that the main goal is Jesus and relationship with Him.  In His  longing for us to be with Him where He is (as He said in John 17:24)  He opens some very creative ways for us to get there.  In the last post we talked about the dreams, visions and prophetic experiences you’ve had in the past.  They are real and can be re-entered.  But what if you’re new at this and you don’t really have your own dreams or visions yet?

Rev. 19:10 tells us that “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.”   He testifies of what happened in the past and prophesies that it can happen again.  It’s an invitation!   As we speak of it, the portal opens.   If you preach about salvation, people will get saved.   If you preach about healing and give opportunity for prayer, people will be healed.   When you speak of evil and the work of the enemy, that’s what shows up.   When you speak of the Holy Spirit, He comes.

Stop and think about it for a moment.  Remember times when people were talking about occult activity and you felt a darkness and a chill come into the room?   Now remember a meeting where the focus was all about the Lord and you felt His sweet and powerful presence descending upon you and bringing your spirit up to meet His.   It really does work like that.

When we testify or speak of Jesus and the experiences we’ve had with Him, the Spirit of prophecy shows up to invite all who hear to enter into that same experience.   This can happen by reading a book, listening to a speaker in person, on a video or live streaming by internet.  Many of you have watched a meeting online and wondered how the anointing of God can flow through the screen to you when the meeting may have occured long ago.   It’s by the Spirit of God.  He has no limits.   The anointing was strong in that meeting and it was captured by media and sent to you just like the aprons and handkerchiefs the Apostle Paul prayed over and sent out.   The Scriptures say people were healed of diseases and demons left those who received these prayer cloths! ( Acts 19:12 )

One of my first realizations of this truth came when my husband and I were mentoring students in a Missions school.  One of them told us how he had been resting on his bed, listening to a CD.   On the CD, Heidi Baker was sharing a vision of the Lord riding in a flaming chariot.   When her testimony ended, this student was immediately caught up in the Spirit and found himself standing before the Lord who was placing golden armor on him!  I began to understand the truth of this principle and become more sensitive in listening to the experieces of others.  I found that in many cases I could actually go there with them as they spoke.  This was especially true with gifted writers such as Rick Joyner and Anna Rountree.  I could see what they saw and then at times Jesus would take me further into an experience of my own with Him.  It’s an on-ramp.

This is one of the main reasons why I write.  I pray that as I share my visions, you will be able to see and experience them and be transported into His presence.   I encourage you to become sensitive in this way also.  When someone begins to speak about a dream or a vision, ask the Lord to open your eyes to see it in the Spirit.  Read about those who have seen the Lord or ascended into Heavenly realms.   Go back through my blog postings and read of the accounts I have written.   Let them be an invitation and an on-ramp for you.

For those of you who would like to delve deeper into this subject than I can go here, I would direct you to my pages of recommended reading and links.  You will find a wealth of material there in the form of books, articles on websites, videos and MP3 downloads – much of it free.   I’m sure it will be a great blessing to you as it has been to me.

On-Ramps Into Heavenly Realms #2 – Re-entering Your Past Dreams and Visions   Leave a comment

The dreams, visions and prophetic experiences God has given to you in the past are not one time things that are done and gone.  No, they are still there in the Spirit realm and available for access.  All you need to do is ask Him to bring you back to those experiences again.  It’s as simple as remembering but it is actually much more than that.  He takes you back into the experience again and gives you the same sensations – the sights, sounds, fragrances, and the same emotions as He plays the same melody on your heart strings once again.  You are there.

Remember the time when you saw Jesus on the cross and your heart broke with the love you saw pouring from Him to you?  Go back there again and give Him your heart all over again.  Remember the time you were suddenly gazing into His smiling face with His eyes looking deeply into your spirit?   Go back to that time and gaze again, this time even longer until He bonds you with Him Spirit to spirit.  Remember the dreams of flying like a bird high over the mountains in the sunlight?   He gives us those dreams because we were all meant to fly like that in the Spirit.  Remember those times and fly again, higher now until you fly right into the Heavens with Him.

Memory is a powerful, God given tool.  When it is joined with His Spirit, wonderful things can happen.  We can re-enter the dreams, visions and prophetic experieces we had in the past.  And while we are there, He can give us much more revelation about things we may not have understood the first time.  Watch and listen carefully for His whispers now.  Be sensitive to His leading and try not to direct things yourself.  When you come to the end of the dream or vision as you saw it before, He may want to take you further into the next chapter.  If the scene begins to change, resist the temptation to think “No, that’s not how it happened”.  Just follow the new vision He is super-imposing over the old one.  Within a few seconds you will know if it’s just your own thoughts (which you can bring back into line with His) or if it’s really the Lord trying to take you further into something new.  Let Him lead.   As you practice this method of listening and watching with Him, He can take you anywhere.  There are no boundaries in the Spirit!

What if you’re new at this and don’t yet have experiences with Him to remember and re-enter?  We’ll discuss that in On-ramp #3.  For now, spend time falling in love with Him and know that those who hunger shall be filled.  (Mat: 5:6)