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There is such a wide variety of creative intercession that the Lord allows us to enter when we ask Him to share His heart with us.  If we are open, He will show us things we’ve never imagined.  Such was the case with a prophetic experience I was taken into a few weeks ago.


Recently at our House of Prayer there was a wonderful presence of the Lord during the worship.  I found myself entering deeply into His presence and dancing with Him for a long time.  At last I heard the leader urging us to pray for the persecuted church in specific countries.  There are times when the presence of Jesus is so sweet that I really don’t want to change gears and come out of that to do something else.  So I made a conscious decision to stay in the Heavenly realms and pray ‘with Him’ from that place.

As we separated into smaller groups I saw, in the Spirit, a large group of people who were under attack for their faith. Jesus invited me to ‘stand in the gap’ with Him.  He offered me His hand, also taking the hand of another person and many of us formed a circle around these people, facing outward to protect them.

As He called us deeper into intercession, I maintained my position in the Heavens and was now in the Throne Room. The phrase ‘souls under the altar’ keep running through my mind and I knew He was drawing my attention to them. Rev.6:9-11 says these are the ones who have been martyred for their faith in God.  As if from far away I could faintly hear their cries.  Then my eyes were opened to see a vast host of people from every tribe and nation who had all been slain for their faith in God.

Suddenly, perhaps because we were now praying for the persecuted church in Nigeria, another group began to rise out of the first one.  These were Nigerians – tall, black skinned men in white flowing robes with their women in colorful dresses and head coverings, and their children … hundreds of children.  Tears were flowing like rivers from their eyes as they cried out from the depths of their passion, “How long Oh God, will you not judge and avenge our blood from them that dwell on the earth?” (Rev.6:10)

But then as I listened, I began to hear other cries as well and prayers that were mixed with our own prayers for their nation.  They were joining their voices with ours to pray for the persecuted church in Nigeria!  They were crying out for those who were suffering for their faith and for those who will be martyred!  They were praying for courage and strength for their brothers and sisters.  They were bringing hope to them! I was undone.

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Intercession, by it’s very nature, is not about us.  If I am crying out to God regarding problems in my own life, that’s a valid form of prayer but it’s not intercession.  If I am crying out to God regarding problems in someone else’s life or situations that I am not even affected by, that’s intercession.  It’s always on behalf of others, not about me.

But prophetic intercession is still another category which is more strategic and powerful.  It involves asking the Lord to direct your thoughts and lead you into praying what’s on His heart.  He will give you information you do not have or show you pictures or visions of people and places you have no knowledge of.   It can be anything … anywhere!  And when He shows you, He can also take you there in the Spirit in prayer.  When you arrive, there will often be angelic help, seen or unseen, to assist you in bringing His answer to the people and situations there.

Always remember this.  In the Spirit you can fly!  You will never see an eagle sneaking around in a forest trying to catch his prey that can easily outrun him.  You will never see him surrounded by wolves.  That’s ridiculous.  He doesn’t go there or operate from that level.  He operates from a higher realm where he can see with great accuracy.  He can fly.  So can you.  (Isa.40:31)

There are many stories of prophetic intercession and people being transported in the Spirit for that purpose.  Another one of my favorites comes from John Paul Jackson who is a well known prophetic voice in the USA. (  He tells of travelling and preaching in Europe several years ago when he became very ill.  He was so ill that he had to cancel some of the meetings and eventually ended up in hospital.  He had been crying out to God for healing so that he could continue ministering.  He was growing weary in his faith when suddenly at the side of his bed a little old man appeared.  The man was small in stature and had dark weathered skin.  He said nothing but simply laid his hands on John Paul’s chest and began to pray.  John Paul said that fire seemed to shoot through his body and he was instantly healed.  In that same instant the man disappeared before his eyes.

Knowing that angels can change their appearance and take on different forms, John Paul began to thank the Lord for sending His angel to bring healing to him.

At this, the Lord spoke to him and said “No, that wasn’t My angel.”

Shocked, John Paul cautiously asked “Well then … what was it?”

In answer to the question, the Lord took him into a vision where he clearly saw this same little old man in his small hut in a Mexican village.  The man was on his knees in prayer asking God to use him.

“Oh God,” he prayed, “I’m very old now and I live in such a small village. I want to work for You but I have no opportunity.  Please won’t You use me somehow to help someone?”

Apparently the Lord took him at his word.  He was transported in prayer all the way to Europe to lay hands on one of God’s servants who needed healing, then taken back home again.  Consider the possibilities!  But this is not about a free travel package.  We don’t get to choose the place or the circumstances.  It comes out of a desire to know God in a deeper way and work to build His Kingdom.   And it must ONLY be done through the Holy Spirit by those who know the Lord personally.  There are other spirits that would counterfit and deceive and eventually destroy people.   Jesus said “He who does not enter by the door of the sheepfold , but climbs up some other way is a thief and a robber  …  I am the door.” (John 10:1-10).

For those who are His, seated with Him in Heavenly places, there are truly no limits in prayer! (Eph.2:6)

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Obstacles to Entering Heavenly Realms #6 – Geographical Locations   5 comments

There are places on this earth where a portal into Heaven has been opened, making it easier to rise in the Spirit into the realms of God. (see post from April 15,’13).  Conversely, there are other places where quite the opposite is true.  Those who have experienced this will need little explanation of it.  Interestingly enough, the reasons for this are quite similar.

We saw in the April 15 post that God sometimes opens portals on earth to mark certain places where He has met with man in a significant way.  At other times He opens a portal because of all the worship that has ascended from that place.  Christians go to these places and are able to receive anointing, healing and blessing.

Other places  have been marked by satan because of the great evil that has occurred there, allowing him to set up an evil reign over the area.  Those who belong to him make pilgrimage to those places to practice evil and they are empowered by doing so.

Satan is the master of counterfeit.  He delights in taking what God does, twisting it for his own evil purposes and deceiving people with it.

The missions compound that I spoke of in the April 15 post was like a glorious bubble in the midst of darkness. There was an open Heaven there where we delighted in the presence of God.  But on one side, just across the wall, we heard  early morning prayers being chanted to false gods while on the other side the witch doctors banged their drums all night cursing us and our leaders by name.  Things would be fine for awhile, then suddenly there would be 10 cases of malaria and several people having odd accidents.  We’d give each other the “uh-oh” look and realize we had been lulled to sleep and neglected our prayer cover.  So we would once again put on our spiritual armour, plead the blood of Jesus over us, do prayer walks around the compound and break the curses that were aimed against us.

While there are ways of redeeming land in evil places and breaking the curses that are on it, this is never a job for one individual or a few who are untrained.   It usually involves finding out what defiled the land there historically, repentance by those involved or their families, tribes or nations and making amends in some way.  Each place is unique and only God holds the keys to the deep secrets of restoration.  For the untrained, these places are best avoided.  There are those He trains and sends to such places and when He does, realms collide and light wins over the darkness.

My purpose here is not to study spiritual warfare in this area but only to contrast the access of Heavenly realms in areas where a portal exists with those areas where great evil reigns.  In such places it is decidedly difficult to even feel the presence of the Lord since everything is geared toward the evil one.  Sometimes people stumble into a place like this and don’t understand it.  They think something is wrong with them.  But the problem may actually be the geographical location, or even other people around them who have ungodly spirits.  When you feel that something is out of line spiritually, always stop and ask the Lord for discernment and instructions.  Putting on your spiritual armour (Eph.6:13-18) and staying alert is mandatory.  Remember that Jesus is always with you and will never leave you.  The enemy plays games of shadows and darkness meant to deceive you.  But greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

A word to tourists:

I have travelled much and seen tourists repeatedly invite trouble, whether innocently or not.  Remember that you do not understand the customs of the country you are visiting.  Most things have spiritual significance that those in the West are ignorant of.

Visiting the “holy” sites of other religions and false gods is a bad idea.  You serve the One True God who is very jealous of your love.  He is so jealous, in fact, that He says His very name is ‘Jealous’! (Ex.20:5, Ex. 34:14) These verses talk about bowing down or worshipping other gods.  Most Christians would never do that.  However, any time one goes into such a tourist site, especially into temples and other places where false gods are worshipped, they will be asked to remove their shoes and often cover their heads.  This is a sign of honor to the ‘deity’.  Satan, who is behind all false gods, accepts this as worship!   And it particularly pleases him when it comes from a Christian.  Please do not do this.  Be wise enough and strong enough to say no to your hosts if necessary and refuse to go. (Mt. 10:32, Rom.1:16)  It can open doors of access to the enemy into your life.  Often, people don’t know why they become ill afterwards or why many evil things begin to happen in their lives.  They don’t even trace it back to the source and things can drag on and become worse over time.  In such cases, repentence along with prophetic intercession should be done to pinpoint the problem and break the curses.

This leads also to the matter of souvenirs that people bring home with them.  One must use much discernment in gift shops.  There are certain things to always avoid.  Masks are in that category, and carvings/idols, along with anything that is obviously to be used in a religious ceremony.  If it has the look of evil about it …  it likely is.  Jewellery is another questionable item, especially if there are words or symbols inscribed on it in a language you don’t understand.  (When we were on the mission field in Mozambique, babies who were brought to the orphanage always wore a small leather bracelet that had been put on them by the witch doctor.  The parents were told that it was a ‘blessing’ but in reality, it was a curse which had to be broken when the missionaries removed the bracelet.)  These things are unheard of by those of us in 1st world countries.  How harmful could a simple leather bracelet be?  Plenty, if the one who made it placed curses on it.

You see, it works like this.  Whatever man worships, he empowers.  For example, an idol made of wood is only an object and has no power.  But when men believe it has power and they worship it, satan uses that to his advantage and begins to work through it, thereby strengthening their belief.  When you give an object like this a place of honor in your home, that power comes along with it, even if you were not the one worshipping it.  It’s a very foolish thing to do and also falls under the list of things that make your God jealous.

It works in the same way (but opposite) as the aprons and handkerchiefs that the Apostle Paul prayed over and sent out. (Acts 19:12)  Those who received them were healed of diseases and even delivered from demons!  Unfortunately, the opposite works in the enemy’s realm as well in the form of evil anointings and curses.

This may seem like a rather hard word but please hear my heart.  It is not meant to bring fear to you, but wisdom and protection as you heed this advice.   If you find yourself inadvertently in a situation or place of danger, do not fear.  Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and ask for wisdom and guidance.   And remember that Jesus is always with you to protect and deliver you from evil.

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What does it really look like to be able to operate in the earth realm and also in the Heavenly realms of God?  There are some earthly creatures that are just as much at home in the water as they are on land.  They are created to be able to operate in two realms.  So are we.

Remember the story of Elisha and his servant who were surrounded by an enemy army? ( II Kings 6:15-17)   The servant was terrified but Elisha prayed “Lord, open his eyes”.  Then he saw that the mountains around them were filled with horses and chariots of fire. There was no need to be afraid since the army of God was fighting for them.  There are two realms.  God wants us to not only see, but operate comfortably in both the spiritual and the natural realms.

Since God is eternal and ‘outside of time’, the time element is often bypassed and that restriction is lifted off in the experiences He gives to us.  It’s an eternity thing – something like Narnia.  The children had been in Narnia for years but when they fell out of the wardrobe back into England it was the same moment they left!  Though The Chronicles of Narnia are fiction, they are highly prophetic and C.S. Lewis got that part right.

God is able to take us into the past to show us things that happened there and give us understanding.  This is a common occurance for intercessors with prophetic ability, showing them events that occurred and what needs to be done in prayer.   It is quite likely that Moses received revelation of this sort on the mountain in God’s presence.  How else could he have written about creation in such detailed language and with such understanding unless God had allowed him to go back and view it himself?

The Lord can take us into other places now, in the present, to give us strategic information.  This may mean geographical locations or present situations.  This can give us a better, fuller picture of how things really are since we only see one side of it now.  Elisha had such precise information about the King of Syria and his plans against Israel that it was said of him, “The prophet Elisha tells the King of Israel what you say, even in the privacy of your own bedroom!” (II Kings 6:8-12)

God can also take you into the future – whether the near future or further ahead. This can be right where you are now geographically or to other locations on earth.  He may also take you away somewhere in the Spirit into Heavenly realms to reveal things to come.  This happened to several of the prophets in the Bible.  John’s encounter in the book of Revelation is only one of them.

Several years ago we returned from the mission field in Africa, back to Ontario, Canada where we had lived before.  It was only a transition for the summer, then we moved again cross country to British Columbia.  That summer was a rather surreal experience.  I seemed to be re-living the past – driving by the house we used to live in, going back to my friend’s cottage and staying temporarily with friends in town.   At the same time I was praying for direction and trying to picture myself in a future location.  Some days I felt my worlds were colliding as I encountered my past, felt confused about the present and prayed into the future.   This was a natural experience, not spiritual.  But it served to show me once again how easily we can step from past to present to future in the Spirit.  We can step from realm to realm that easily because we were created to do that.

In the next posting we will continue to explore some of the characteristics of prophetic experiences.  Until then, my prayer is for God to open our eyes and make us more sensitive to His realm.

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As we become more intimate with the Lord He allows us the privilege of seeing how He feels about things … what causes Him joy and what grieves His heart.  There are times when He allows us to feel a very small part of the emotion that He is experiencing. (Phil.3:10)   As mortals, any more than that would likely destroy us.  Even just a glimpse of His true emotion can be overwhelming.

In Jesus earthly ministry, He tells us that He only did what He saw the Father doing. (John 5:19)  Now He invites us to work with Him the same way.  When we pray, “What is on Your heart today, Lord?” it may be something close to our hearts already, or it may be completely unknown to us.  But He invites us to partner with Him … to see what He is seeing, feel what He is feeling and even do what He is doing.

Psalm 115:16 says “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.”  This is why God will not do things on earth unless we pray.  He has given authority over the earth to mankind and we must ask Him to intervene.  He expects us to use our authority here.  When we ask for His help in prayer He responds.

Prophetic intercession can take many forms.  As stated in the previous post – in its most basic form it is simply being open to hear God’s heart and pray or act as He instructs us. Here is one of my favorite testimonies of this kind of prayer:

A small group of intercessors in North America were praying in the leaders home.  Suddenly they were all taken away in the Spirit although their bodies remained there.  They found themselves in a prison cell in China where a frail, elderly Chinese man had been beaten for preaching the Gospel.  They washed his feet, dressed his wounds, prayed for him and encouraged him.  He thought they were angels but they assured him they were not.  Just as suddenly, their spirits were carried back to the living room they had just left.  Still in shock, some began to say “Did you just see what I saw?”  The leader wisely cautioned them to say nothing but to each write down what they had seen.  Comparing notes verified that they had all been on the same journey together.

There are many who have been on such journeys in prayer.  Sometimes God not only uses us to intercede for people we don’t even know but He takes us there as well.  He may also use us to minister healing or deliverance to them.  Many times His angels have been sent there to work with us.  Realizing this can change your view of prayer from boring to dynamite.  It can turn your prayer room into an airport waiting lounge as you open your hearts to go where He sends you.

If this sounds too much like the occult, remember that everything the enemy has to offer is a cheap counterfeit of God’s realities. There were many in the Bible who were taken away in the Spirit – Paul, Phillip, John, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Enoch … If it could happen to them, it can and does happen to us today.  We are covered by the blood of Jesus.  Many things were stolen from us and are waiting to be reclaimed.

Sometimes when you are praying for people or places, God will give you a vision of something that happened in their past.  This will give insight for how to pray now … what healing needs to happen and perhaps what curses need to be broken.  What you are praying for was in the Father’s heart long before He alerted you to it.  He wants it more than you do.  And He enlists your help to carry out His will. (For more teaching on the subject of prayer and intercession, see Mike Bickle’s website at  Mike is the founder and head of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, USA)

Prophetic intercession is not just limited to the prayer room.  Learn to read the newspaper or online news from a standpoint of intercession, declaring the Word of God instead of the current circumstances.  Lay your hands on the screen and rebuke the storms and hurricanes.  Pray peace and safety over those in dangerous circumstances.  Declare the plans of the enemy to be uncovered so that lost children are returned to safety and wars are stopped.

When we pray what is in the Lord’s heart, what is His will – 1 John 5:14,15 tells us that He gives us what we ask of Him.  If this is new for you, try it and see what happens!

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Because of our intimacy with the Lord we have access into His heart.  He begins to share things with us that we could not have seen before.

It was the time of the last Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Since we lived near there, our city had offered our large recreation complex to the athletes for practice several days a week, even advertising their schedules and inviting the public to watch.

In a room above the ice rink about one hundred of us crowded near the large window to watch the figure skaters from several different countries.  During the first time period they were all on the ice together and I enjoyed watching the international warm-up session.  Next came the time for each pair of skaters to do their routine.  The atmosphere in the room began to change.

The Russians were first.  The warm-up jackets came off and the bright red and black costumes stood out starkly against the ice.  Then the music started … the epic, classical tragic music of Russia.  It was like a knife stabbing my heart and with a shock I realized there were tears streaming down my face that I could not prevent.  For a moment all I could do was cry as I watched the drama of a land and a people crying out for deliverance from generations of bondage.  I began to feel God’s heart for them.

Suddenly I realized the opportunity the Lord was providing me.  Here were the top, choice representatives in sports from many nations right here in my home town and I was close enough to see their faces!  I could not go there but He had sent them to me.  Listening for the Lord’s heart for them now, I began to pray as if I was down on the ice laying my hands on them.  Through my tears I silently prayed that God would reveal Himself to them so clearly and that they would respond to His love.  I prayed for their families, their future children and  their nation as they danced out their history before me.

This is only a very small and low level experience on the ladder of intercession.  Prophetic intercession in its basic form is simply being willing to hear what is in God’s  heart and pray or act on what He shows us.  Sometimes He asks us to partner with Him in bringing healing, salvation or freedom to the captives.  Many have had experiences of being taken away in the Spirit to different locations in the earth realm to pray and actually help people there.

In the next post I will continue this subject and move deeper into it.  But for now, allow the Lord to show you once again … there are no limits in Him.  In the Spirit you can fly!

Scripture references: Isa. 40:31, 2 Cor.12:2-4, Rev. 4:1,2, Acts 8:38-40, 1 Thes.5:17, James 5:16